Fahrenheit 451 Test Study Guide (Final Exam)

What is Montag’s wife’s name? Mildred
What is Montag doing at the very beginning of the book? Burning a house containing outlawed books
What is the Hound? An eight-legged robotic dog who guards the fire house
What is Montag’s boss’ name? Captain Beatty
What type of planes do people notice flying overhead?
What is the name of the girl who lives next door? Clarisse McClellan
In part 1, what is wrong with Montag’s wife when he comes home after work? She is unconscious after overdosing on sleeping pills
How is Montag’s wife’s problem fixed? Pump operators come to save her
Briefly describe Montag’ wife’s television set. It covers three parlor walls;She can interact with other people on it
What is the name of the old man that Montag tries to talk to? Faber
What does the old man give Montag? A small two-way communication device to wear in his ear
What does the old woman do when the firemen go to her house? She sets herself and her books on fire
What object does Montag take from the old woman’s house? A Bible
What does Montag do when he sees his wife with all of her friends in the living room? He tries to talk to them; he reads them a poem
What does Montag’s wife think they should do with the stolen books? Burn them all
What does Montag think they should do with them? Read them
Who visits Montag when he stays home sick? His boss, Captain Beatty
What does this person say every fireman does at least once? Steals a book
When Montag goes back to work, his boss tells him about a dream he had. Briefly describe the dream. He dreamed that he and Montag fought by quoting books to each other
Whose house do the firemen pull up to at the end of part 2? Montag’s house
What does Montag’s boss want him to do to Montag’s house? Set it on fire
How is the conflict between Montag and his boss resolved? By Montag setting his boss (Beatty) on fire with his flamethrower and killing him
To whose house does Montag run? Faber’s house
Where does Montag run to escape the city? The countryside
What is the name of the leader of the exiled book lovers? Granger
What does Montag see happen to the city? A nuclear bomb destroys it
What special ability does the leader of the exiled book lovers say people have? People have the ability to learn from their mistakes

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