Fahrenheit 451 Test

What things do the McClellans do which case them to be classified as peculiar? They hang out, sit, and discuss things as a family
What happens to Montag’s wife? How does this affect his view of society? Montag’s wife, Mildred attempts suicide. This makes him start to see society in a different way and makes him realize that people are all strangers in the society
Mechanical hound dog-shaped robot with eight legs, made of metal. Purpose is to hint down fugitives, who have violated the law of society
What does Montag think about the old women and all of the books he has destroyed? Montag feels horrible for the old woman yet at the same time envies her. He feels bad about burning the old woman and her house. Guy envies her and her courage about the books. Books are people’s ideas.
Summarize Beatty’s explanation of how the need for firemen arose The fact that when books caused controversial issues among the world they thought that it would be easier to destroy those books. They then realize that they would have to figure out which books to keep and which to burn so they just burned them all. Beatty says that books caused wars and violence
Why does Montag go to see Faber? To try to understand the Bible he has and also to copy it because he realizes he must have one of the last copies ever
Why does Montag read “Dover Beach” to the ladies? How do the women react? Montag is upset by the shallow nature of the women. He reads them “Dover Beach” to show them the extent of their shallowness. The impact on the ladies is powerful. Mrs. Helps cries and the rest are bewildered.
What is Mildred’s main concern as the runs out of the house? For the “family” on T.V.
Summarize Montag’s escape. Montag burns his house with Beatty in it (to protect Faber) (Beaty “suicide by cop”). Montag then knocks out the other two firemen and then goes off as a fugitive to Faber’s house
When Montag complained about being unable to remember Mildred, what explanation did Granger give? Everyone must leave something behind when they die. It doesn’t matter what you do leave, but you have to leave something
What is the promise at the end of the novel? A new era is about to begin and that humanity is not doomed
There is one moment where Guy assumes he is being chased by the police. Who is really following him? Why does he think about Clarisse? A group of teenagers is following him and he thinks of Clarisse because he is wondering if those were the people that hit Clarisse
Why does Guy go into Mrs. Black’s house? To plan books as part of the plan
Who is Mrs. Black? A fireman’s wife
How does Guy try to keep Faber safe from the mechanical hand? Burning furniture, moth spray to mask scent
Does Guy’s plan for Faber work? Yes
Where is Faber going? To St. Louis on the bus
Where does Montag go? To the forest with the professors
What is Guy’s plan by the end of the reading? Who or what is he looking for by following the railroad tracks? To the forest with the professors
Describe the difference between POV and perspective? POV- How the author tells the storyPerspective- What a character thinks, feels, believes etc.
First person (inside the roller coaster)”I”, “Me”, “My”
Second Person (choose your own adventure)”You”
Third Person Limited (Only inside the mind of a select character(s))”He”, “She”, “They”
Third Person Omniscient (Inside the mind of many characters)”He”, “She”, “They”
What is Mildred’s reaction to her husband’s collection of books? Scared, turn into Beatty
What is the significance of the sieve of and the sand? Guy’s understanding of books is falling through
Why was this a good time to plant the books? World around him is crashing down because of the war
Protagonist Central character of a story (overcomes some flow)
Antagonist Opposes the protagonist (Mildred, Captain Beatty)
Foil Character that contrasts with another character (traits, values) (Mildred and Clarisse, Guy and Beatty)
Ray Bradbury relatively compares Montag’s bedroom to another space what is it, and why do you think this comparison is made? He compares his room to a moseliem. He does this because he realizes he isn’t happy and that has a hopelessness about him
Censorship The suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other such entities
How does Clarisse describe herself at the beginning of the book 17 and insane
What character is Clarisse a lot alike? The giver because wise, make protagonist question themselves, different from society
Exposition Setting (characters, POV, location, time) -Guy burning houses, Mildred watch TV
Rising action Events leading to the climax -Mildred attempts suicide, Clarisse changes Guy’s vision of things, takes book from ladies house, talks to Faber, realizes society is bad because of not having books
Climax “Jumping the shark” or point of no return (end one of two ways) -Guy burns Betty
Resolution All loose ends are tied up -bomb that goes off, academic hobos going back to the city to educate
Falling action Characters crisis is resolved -knocks out firemen, goes to Faber’s house, protects Faber, goes to see academic hobos
What does Guy compare his leg to after the mechanical hound injects him? A log

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