Fahrenheit 451: Summary

Part 1 Guy Montag works as a fireworker in an imaginary country, where books are forbidden and have to be burned. But when he meets Clarisse, he changes his mind and starts to think about books. He is unhappy and his commander, Captain Beatty, remarks that, he visits Montag to talk to him. After that visit, Montag confesses to mildred that he has his own library. She starts to panic, but he can calm her.
Part 2 Mildred and Montag read the books. Montag thinks of an old man he met a year ago, Faber. He calls him to ask if he wants to become Montag’s teacher. Firt, he’s skeptical, but then they spend a lot of time analyzing the books. Mildred doesn’t want to change her life and tries to convince Montag. One day, the fire alarm goes of and Montag realizes that his own house is on target.
Part 3 Montag discovers that it was Mildred who turned on the fire alarm. In one moment, he kills Captain Beatty and flees to Faber. They make plans for the escape, but meanwhile, the police and the media chase Montag. He escapes out of the city and meet some outcasts in the outback. Meanwhile a war begins in the city and it finally gets destroyed. Montag and the outlaws return to the city and hope that they can build something new

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