Fahrenheit 451 Study Guide Part 3 Burning Bright

What hint does Captain Beatty say he sent to Montag that he must not have picked up on? Beatty sent the Mechanical Hound to Montag’s house as a hint that he was watching him.
What does Mildred have in her hand when she walks out of the house? Suitcase
What does Montag suspect Mildred of doing? He suspects that she called the fire department.
What does Beatty say is the real beauty of fire? He says that fire erases all worries and responsibilities.
Instead of using kerosene, Captain Beatty wants Montag to use what to burn down his house? Flame throwers
How does Montag figure the books got back into the house? He thinks Mildred must have found them in the garden and put them back in the house.
What does Beatty say to Montag as he is finishing burning the house? He tells him that he is under arrest.
Who called in the alarm? Mildred’s friends
What did Beatty do to Montag? HIt him in the head
What happened to the “green bullet” radio that Faber gave to Montag? When Beatty hit Montag, it flew out of his ear and landed on the ground. Beatty picked it up and listened to it and he could hear Faber speaking to Montag.
What does Beatty say he will do with the radio? He said he would use it to track down Faber.
What did Montag do to Beatty? Set him on fire
What was the reaction of the other two firemen? They are stunned
Explain Montag’s dealing with the Hound. Hit him with a flame thrower
What happens to Montag as he leaving the Hound? Knee gets hit by a car
Why was Montag having a hard time getting away? With the poison in his leg and the injury caused by the car, his leg is very painful. He can’t walk properly on it.
What does Montag find in his old garden? He finds some books that Mildred must not have noticed.
Montag thinks to himself that Captain Beatty probably wanted to do what? Montag becomes convinced that Beatty wanted to die.
What does Montag hear in the Seashell? Montag puts the regular seashell in his ear and hears the police report about himself.
To where does Montag realize he is running? Montag realizes that he is unconsciously running towards Faber’s house.
Why was Montag having such a difficult time getting across the street? The lanes were wide
After Montag makes it across the street, from whom does he hide? He hides from the teenagers in the car.
What does Faber say there are a lot of along the railroad tracks? A lot of “Harvard degrees.”
Where does Faber say he is going? Why is he going there? Faber says he is going to take the bus to St Louis to visit a retired printer that he knows there.
What has been brought from a different district to track down Montag? Another Mechanical Hound.
Why does Montag tell Faber to burn the bed spread and the chair? The Hound tracks people by scent,
Why doesn’t Faber give Montag another “green bullet”? Because he doesn’t have another one.
What does Montag watch on the parlor walls? Montag watches the hound chasing him.
What do the police suggest everyone do at the same time? They ask everyone to stand up and look out their windows to try to spot Montag.
What did Montag do when he got to the river? He changed into Faber’s old clothes and threw his own clothes into the river to try to disguise his scent and hide himself from the hound.
Because the __________ wouldn’t stop burning, Montag would. Sun
What does Montag think of when he smells the hay? He is reminded of an idyllic trip to the countryside when he was a boy.
What did Montag think was looking at him? He thought it was the Hound.
What was it that was looking at him? Montag is still paranoid and terrified of being caught by the Hound,
What did Montag hit with his foot? He wanders through the woods and finally hits the railroad.
What was the single fact that Montag could not prove? He is convinced Clarisse has been there, although he has no evidence for it.
What does Montag see? A fire through the trees
What do the men offer Montag? When he sits down, they offer him some coffee in a collapsible tin cup.
What is the name of the man that is talking to Montag? His name is Granger.
What is the colorless fluid in the small bottle supposed to do? It is a chemical that will quickly change his scent so that the hound can’t track him.
Why is the chase still going on if they have lost Montag? To make more viewers happy
What does Montag see in the portable viewer? He watches the chase being filmed from a police helicopter.
How was it possible that not even Montag’s friends would recognize that the man they caught wasn’t him? When the police finally caught someone, they made sure that the cameras did not focus on the person’s face so that people would not know that it was not Montag.
Where is Montag keeping the Book of Ecclesiastes? He is keeping it in his head.
What does Granger think their job is? Granger says that all the people in the woods are just receptacles for the knowledge in the books.
How does Montag feel about Mildred still being in the city? He feels sad. It is interesting that Montag still has some feelings for Mildred.
What does Montag see happening in the city? Bombers fly over the city and drop at least one enormous nuclear bomb on the city, destroying it completely.
What other book does Montag realize he has remembered? Bible
What does Granger compare man to? To carry out history
What kind of factory does Granger say they are going to build? Mirror

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