Fahrenheit 451 Part 3 Vocabulary

squanders fails to take advantage of
seance a meeting, usually to speak to the dead
sloth a slow moving mammal; laziness
ricocheted the motion of an object bouncing off something
scythe a tool for moving and reaping
processions groups moving along or forward
pyre a pile of burning materials
prattled talked in a foolish way
procaine an anesthetic
phantom a ghost; unreal
plume a feather; rising column of smoke, dust, or water
pedants people concerned with rules
penance self-punishment for committing a sin
luminous emitting light
moat a wide waterway or ditch
juggernaut a crushing, relentless force
liquefaction process of turning into a liquid state
incriminate present proof of a crime
insomnia sleeplessness
incomprehensible impossible to understand
grotesque misshapen
incessantly ceaselessly
gingerly with great care or caution
gout a disease of the joints
erected built
desolation deprivation of companionship
fragmentary broken
doused extinguished
convolutions curves or twists
bombardments assaults; attacks

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