Fahrenheit 451 Part 3 Study Guide

To what does the author compare the scene at the Montag’s house when the firemen show up to burn it? Carnival
When Mildred walks out of her house with the firemen in the front, what does she do next? She leaves
Who burns Montag’s house? Montag
Who actually turned in the alarm on Montag? Mildred and some of her friends
How does Beatty discover the earpiece in Montag’s ear? The earpiece fell out
How does Montag stop Beatty from tracking Faber down through the earpeice? Sets Beatty on fire
Where does the Mechanical Hound stab Montag? Leg
What odd event happens during Montag’s attempt to get back to Faber? A car full of young people tries to run Montag over
Why does Montag stop by Mr. Black’s house on his way to Faber’s? He stops to hide the books he has been carrying with him and set him up
Where does Montag go after leaving Faber’s house to try to escape the new Mechanical Hound sent to find him? The river
What does Granger give Montag to help change Montag’s chemical index? A vial with something that alters Montag’s perspiration (a drink)
What exciting even do Granger and the other mend watch on television while they are outside the city in their homeless-type camp? Montag’s fake death
What book does Granger claim to be? Plato’s Republic
Where are the boks at the homeless camp of intellectuals kept? In their heads
What was the plan of Granger and other intellectuals? They are waiting for humanity to become ready for books again so that they can be of some use to the world. Wait for the war to end and spread their knowledge.
What person in Granger’s life discussed how important it is to leave a legacy behind? Grandfather
According to Granger, how does the story of the Phoenix relate to man? Man will destroy himself and then rebuild
What does Montag realize he has memorized from the Bible? Book of Ecclesiastes
What specifically happens to the city in the end of the book? It is bombed
Where are Montag and the others at the camp headed at the end of the book? The city

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