Fahrenheit 451-Part 3 Review

what is the real beauty of fire according to Beatty? destroys responsibilities and consequnces
beatty says to montag, “your house, your clean-up.” what does he mean? burn your own house down
who turns in montag? mildred (and her friends did earlier)
what does montag do to arouses suspicion in Beatty? tilted his head like he was listening to something
what happens to the green bullet? beatty takes it; so it burns with beatty (to protect faber)
how does beatty die? montag burns him up with the flame thrower
What becomes of the mechanical hound? montag blasts it apart with the flame thrower
what is nearly responsible for montag’s death? mechanical hound/ a speeding car
why can’t montag run? the hound injected him
what does montag suddenly realize about beatty and his death? beatty wanted to die
what is montag’s purpose in going to mr. black’s home? to frame the fireman for having books
where does faber tell montag he should go? to the river and then the old railway tracks
what is the “one-man carnival”? the chase to capture montag
why does montag tell faber to burn his furniture and turn on the lawn sprinklers? to destroy montag’s scent so they can’t track him.
what does “twenty million montags’ running” mean? 20 million viewers; parlor tv’s; on 20 million screens.
what does the river give montag time to do? wash, douse himself in whisky (rid him of his scent) and change into faber’s clothes.
as montag steps out of the river, what kind of shelter does he dream of for his first night out of the city? sleeping in a hay barn loft, like one he visited as a young boy
what creature does he mistake for the hound? a deer
describe the voices that montag hears? they rose and fell quietly
about what do they voices speak? about the world, land, city, trees, etc.
why does the chase continue inland? the hound loses his scent/ thrown off at the river
who is killed in montag’s place? an innocent man out walking
why can’t the government officials admit that montag eluded them? everyone is watching, to keep their attention, to save face.
why doesn’t montag feel he belongs in the company of these men? he doesn’t have anything to offer, doesn’t feel worthy
What book will montag become? Ecclesiastes
what is significant about the “odd minority in the wilderness”? they are all books-so one day they will be able to “restore” them
why does granger refer to this time as the dark ages? when people don’t read
why does granger trust montag? he looked like Hell, and the fact that he is an ex-fireman that just went through an unbelievable chase.
why won’t montag grieve if his wife dies? she did “nothing” to “miss”
granger explains that one does not grieve for the person. One grieves for the things that person did and will never do again. What did Montag leave? ashes- nothing but destruction; up to this point.
what happens to the city? bombed/ total destruction/ leveled in an instant
where does montag remember meeting mildred for the first time? chicago
what does montag save for noon when they reach the city? quote from revelations (to talk)
how does quote from revelations contribute to the ending of the novel? river leads to rebirth.

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