Fahrenheit 451 Part 3 Figurative Language

I’ve hit the bull’s-eye idiom
a beetle-taxi metaphor
her mouth gone, without lipstick hyperbole
gobbledegook idiom
Their covers were torn off and spilled out like swan feathers simile
The books leapt and danced like roasted birds simile
one huge bright yellow flowers of burning metaphor
great islands of perspiration drenching his armpits metaphor
The last rolling thunder of the avalanche stoned down about his ears metaphor
hiss like a great mouthful of spittle banging a red-hot stove simile
a bubbling and frothing as if salt had been poured over a monstrous black snail simile
twisted in on himself like a charred wax doll simile
a bloom of fire metaphor
a single wondrous blossom that curled in petals metaphor
The other was like a chunk of burnt pine log simile
a shower of silver needles gushed up the length of the calf metaphor
The pains were spikes driven in the kneecap metaphor
then only darning needles metaphor
then only common ordinary safety pins metaphor
the prickling was like someone blowing a spray of scalding water on that leg simile
he felt that Faber was really dead, baked like a roach simile
It seemed like a boatless river simile
a gas station, a great chunk of porcelain metaphor
a great whirling whisper personification
it seemed someone had blown the gray head off a dry dandelion flower analogy
Two dozen helicopters flurried, wavering indecisive, three miles off like butterflies puzzled by autumn analogy
His lungs were like burning brooms in his chest simile
He kept moving them from hand to hand as if they were a poker hand he could not figure simile
the helicopters falling falling like the first flakes of snow simile
the helicopters fluttered like torn pieces of paper in the sky simile
I can’t breathe hyperbole
It’s a wonder it didn’t show on me, like fat simile
hole up idiom
The sweat of his hand hung from the doorknob, invisible but as numerous as the jewels of a small chandelier simile
He was a luminous cloud, a ghost that made breathing once more impossible metaphor
came the helicopters like a grotesque flower simile
The circus must go on idiom
kept his eye peeled idiom
The Hound, like autumn, come cold and dry and swift simile
his breath, like a doubled fist, in his chest simile
The helicopters were closer, a great blowing of insects to a single light source analogy
the million odors on a wind hyperbole
Another year ticked by in a single hour hyperbole
you look like hell idiom
he did a million things in his life hyperbole
to hell with that idiom
Now, a full three seconds, all of the time in history hyperbole
we’ll build the biggest ******* steamshovel in history and dig the biggest grave of all time and shove war in and cover it up analogy
The day was brightening all about them as if a pink lamp had been given more wick analogy

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