Fahrenheit 451 Part 3 Chapter Questions

What does Mildred do when Montag arrives at his house with the firemen? Mildred gets in a cab and leaves
According to Beatty, what is the “real beauty” of fire? it “destroys responsibility and consequences”
Faber tells Montag to run away. Why can’t he do that? Montag can’t run because of the Hound
Who turned in an alarm on Montag? Mildred and her friends
What does Montag do to Beatty? Montag sets Beatty of fire, which results in Beatty’s DEMISE
What happens to Montag’s leg? It becomes numb due to the Hound biting him
What does Montag suddenly realize about Beatty? Do you think this is true? Beatty wanted to die. Yes?
Why does Montag need to get away and hide? He is now a fugitive and he’s wanted for murder
Why is it dangerous for Montag to cross the ten-lane boulevard? He’s out in the open and he can be caught
What does Montag do with the books he’s carrying? He hides them in one of the firemen’s wife’s house (Mrs. Black) while she’s sleeping
What do you think Montag means by “I went around doing one thing and feeling another”? He means that he didn’t really enjoy being a fireman, and he kept his feelings inside
Where does Faber suggest Montag go? He thinks that Montag should go through a river to a railroad, which will lead him to the hobo camps
What do Montag and Faber find out on the TV? They find out that there is a police report and they are releasing another hound after them
By what methods does Montag say they should “kill the trail”? They think that they should burn everything that Montag touched and wipe down everything with alcohol
Do the methods mentioned when trying to kill the trail work? Yes, it works.
How is it ironic that Montag is now on TV? It is ironic because Montag was always the one chasing, but now he’s the Ione being chased.
What do the people in their houses do on the count of 10? They are all going open their door and look for Montag
How does Montag hide his scent from the Hound? He wears Faber’s clothes and he covers himself in whiskey
What animal does Montag mistake for the Hound? a deer
What “fact” does Montag become aware of when he finds the railroad track? He thinks Clarisse walked along the railroad tracks
How is the fire that the men are sitting around different from other fires? The fire is warming, not burning
How do Granger and the other men know who Montag is? Yes because they saw the chase on a portable T.V.
What do the men around the fire have in common? They are all scholars
How many people are in the “organization”? Thousands
What happens to the city? It was bombed
What does Montag suddenly remember? Where met Mildred (Chicago)
What does Montag remember after he remembers where he met Mildred? Part of the book “Esscalates”?
What do the men eat for breakfast the next day? bacon
When people ask what Montag and his friends are doing, what will they say? “We are remembering”

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