Fahrenheit 451 Part 3: Burning Bright

74. How was beatty given montag hints that he is under suspicion? Beatty sent the hound around Montags place
75.who must have brought the books back from the garden? Mildred
76. Who turned in an alarm against Montag? (3ppl) Mildred, Mrs. phelps, Mrs. boyles
77. What happened to Montags green bullet? It got hit out of his ear and Beatty took it in his pocket
78. Why did Montag burn Beattys body? Bc Beatty was mad and hit him and threatened to pay Faber a visit
79. what is Montags plan of escape? 1) go to Faber’s house2) head for river3) hit old railroad tracks4)meet up with Harvard hobos5) possibly get in touch with Faber in St Louis (Go to Faber’s house and escape to river before city is destroyed)
80. How much money did Montag give Faber? $100
81. how many scents can the mechanical hound remember? 10,000
82. Why did Montag want Faber to turn on his air condition and sprinklers? To get rid of his scent from Faber’s home, kill his trail from hound
83. Interpret “twenty million Montags running soon if the cameras caught him” If Montag is caught on camera he’ll be displayed on 20 million tVs
84. Why did the search for Montag veer inland? He hid his scent and hid in the river
85. Who died in Montags place? A random guy. (Pedestrian)
86. What did Granger mean by “Welcome back from the dead” The police just killed “Montag” but Montag is alive. (The police killed a fake one)
87. When Granger and the other minded ppl are stopped by authorities why isn’t any incriminating evidence found? The books are in their minds, memorized, not in any physical form. No proof
88. Do you have a sense that there are other “book chapters” in towns? What proof do u have? Granger told Montag there are chapters in towns & on the railways. There’s even a town of 27 ppl of a complete essay. (Libraries of ppl)
89. What does Granger mean by his quote, “you’re not important, you’re not anything”? The book are important, not Montag. Montag shouldn’t feel superior to others. (One person is insignificant)
90. Explain the last implications of the events in the last 4-5 pages? Granger and everyone talked about how they want the world back to what it use to be (books) and now something does the town will rise back up. (Humanity might come to its senses)
91. What does Montag start to quote from at the end of the novel? Montag quotes form Revelations 22.2 the quote is about life, death and healing. (He’ll share it when they reach the new city)
92. Does this novel end with hope? Yes, because the old strict government is over and ppl like Montag and Grangers ppl are alive to start the world again with books

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