Fahrenheit 451 part 3

Title of part 3 Burning bright
Who called in the alarm on montags house Mildred
Vehicle that takes Millie away when she leaves the house Taxi
How does the captain die Montag shoots him with liquid fire
The mechanical hound injects montag in his __ Leg
Who is mrs black A Firemans wife
What is montags connection to mrs black Puts books in her house
Faber’s says montag should try to get in touch with him through general delivery in what city St Louis
Where does montag go to try and grow the mechanical hound off his scent River
What clothing does montag wear to try and confound the mechanical hound Faber’s old clothes and shoes
What kind of animal has the musky scent Deer
The hobo camp is in the woods near this familiar form of transportation Railroad
Spokesperson for group of men montag encounters in woods Granger
Identify granger Wrote a book
Most people watching tv believe the mechanical hound killed whom Montag
Why do most people believe the hound killed montag The tv announcer said so
What book of the bible did montag try to remember Ecclesiastes
Once the men in the woods read and memorize the books, what do they do with them Burn them
Type of artist granges grandfather is Sculptor
Granger remembers death of an artist, how was he related to him Grandfather
Montag met Millie in what city Chicago

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