Fahrenheit 451 Part 2 Quiz

Everyone else; Montag Clarisse’s two favorite subjects were … and …
Faber … was an cowardly, retired English professor who has knowledge and refuses to use it.
White Clown Guy asked Millie if the … and “family” loved her?
Books; Alarm; Fireman’s Montag and the professor plan to make copies of the …, sound the …, and burn the … houses.
Green Bullet The listening device that Montag ad the professor used was called the …
Change sides As he is becoming wiser, Montag does not want to … just to be told what to do again.
Bible The … Montag had stolen was thought to be the last of its kind.
Sand; Sieve “Just as … fall through a …,” knowledge goes in and out of our minds.
Knowledge The professor tells Montag he is becoming wise because Montag finally displays evidence of …
How to interpret the books Montag desires the professor to teach him …
What has already been learned The professor tells Montag he needs 3 things in reading: Quality of books, leisure to think, and the ability to carry out …
Cheshire A misunderstood smile or grin.
Insidious To entrap or trick.
Suffused To spread throughout or blush
Arsonist Person who maliciously burns property.
Harlequin Dressed fanciful in color and decorated.
Linguist Person skilled in study of languages.
Infinite Immeasurably great.
Dentifrice A paste to prepare clean teethe.
Sieve Device used to separate matter.
Cadenced Rhythmic, flowing sounds.
Cheshire “… he saw their … cat smiles burning through the walls of the house, and now they were screaming at each other above the din” (89).
Insidious ‘”It’s an … plan, if I do say so myself.’ Faber glanced nervously at the bedroom door'” (86).
Suffused “In the hall Mildred’s face was … with excitement” (72).
Sieve “…if you read fast and all, maybe some of the sand will stay in the …” (74).
Cadenced “…he talked in a … voice, looking at the sky and the trees and the free park, and when an hour passed” (75).

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