Fahrenheit 451 Part 2

What is the meaning of the title of Part 2? The sand goes through the seive. Montag reads books that go right through him and he doesn’t remember anything
What is the importance of the dentifrice commercial? shows how easily the population is brainwashed by ads.
Why does Montag go to see Faber? Montag wanted the knowledge of books and he’s able to understand the importance of books
What does Faber tell Montag about the books? Saving books is important and people should be allowed to have books
What are the 3 things which Faber says are missing from society? Tell how each is indeed missing from society of Fahrenheit 451. Lacking the quality of leisure to digest, in quality and the right to carry out actions based on what we have learned from the conflict of the first 2
Describe the parlor women, their views, their conversational concerns. They’re like a crystal chandelier twinkling in a thousand chimes. They are gossipy and talk about the latest romances and war
Why does Montag read “Dover Beach” aloud to the ladies. poem is simpolic to their society
How do the women react? The woman cry and react becasue they have never heard a story that sad before

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