Fahrenheit 451 ( part 2 )

Define sieve Sand container
Describe the concept of sand of the sieve Wet sand doesn’t go through
Instead of going to work, what does montag decide to do Go to see a guy
Do people have access to the news and the current state affairs No and some care some don’t
What does montag tell Millie is the difference between her living room family and real family A real family can talk back
Explain the analogy between the sieve and sand and what is happening to montag He’s going insane and he is reading
According to Faber, what three things are missing from the world Fine detail , quality , leisure
According to Faber how do most of us experience the world Don’t get into anything
Briefly outline the plan Faber and montag have to decided to try Burn down fire houses and hide books in firehouses
What are Millie’s friends like, what is their opinion about children Don’t like children , see them once a year
Why is it good that the poem caused Clara to cry and be unhappy She realizes what she is missing out on in life
What technique does Beatty use to confuse montag Quotes from books

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