Fahrenheit 451 – Part 2

Who is the one person Montag has liked in a “good many years?” Clarisse
Who does Mildred think is at the door? A dog.
Why doesn’t MIldred like the books Montag is reading? The books are not people. The ‘family’ is people.
What rumor has Montag heard about the world? Montag has heard that the world is starving while they are fed; the world works hard while they play.
What program will Mildred watch that night. White Clown.
Who is Faber? Faber is a retired college professor Montag met one day in the park. He is the man Montag goes to for help.
Which books does Montag ask Faber about? The Bible, Shakespeare, Plato.
What did Plato write? The Allegory of the Cave.
What “silly” question does Montag ask Mildred? Does the White Clown love you? Does the ‘family’ love you?
What is the answer to Montag’s “silly” question. Mildred laughs it off, as if it is not important to have people love her.
Why did the last liberal arts college shut down? There was a lack of students enrolled.
What is Montag trying to do on the subway? He is trying to read and memorize a section of the Bible.
What is Denham’s Dentirice? Denham’s Dentifrice is a toothpaste that is advertised loudly on the subway. The advertisement distracts and angers Montag.
What book does Montag bring to Faber? The Bible.
What does Montag want from Faber? Why does he go see Faber? Montag wants someone to listen to him talk. He wants Faber to teach him to understand what reads.
According to Faber, what three things are missing from current society? The three things missing include: 1. Quality of information; 2. Leisure to digest it; 3. The right to carry out actions based on what is learned from the first two.
What is the insidious plan proposed? Montag and Faber create a plan to secretly hide books in other firemen’s houses to have the system collapse on itself.
What does Faber give Montag before Montag leaves? Faber has created a two way radio system that resembles the ‘seashells’ the rest of society wears. He gives these to Montag.
What does Montag give Faber before leaving his house? Montag gives Faber the Bible.
What does Montag feel “in the sky?” Montag can feel the war, meaning there are more bomber jets flying.
What is Mildred and her friends watching on the parlor walls? Mildred and her friends are watching a series of quickly changing images: a woman drinking orange juice, a rocket flight, white clowns chopping off each others limbs.
What happens to the parlor walls? Montag unplugs the walls.
How many men have died in wars? The women know of no one who has been killed in war. It is always someone else’s husband.
Why did Mrs. Bowles have children? To continue the human race.
What is Mrs. Bowles parenting method? She sends them off to boarding school and when they are home she puts them in the parlor to watch ‘the family.’
Why did the women for the president? They voted for the president based on his looks/appearance.
Montag gets angry at the women and tries to make point. How does he do this? Montag gets a book of poetry and reads to the women.
What’s the title of the poem Montag reads to the ladies? “Dover Beach”
What is the ladies’ reactions to the poem Montag reads? Mrs. Phelps cries and doesn’t know why. Mrs. Bowles gets upset and yells at Montag for being cruel to them. Mildred tries to pacify both friends.
What does Montag do with the book of poems? Why? Montag throws the book of poems into the incinerator because Faber tells him to. He wants it to look as though he is proving the point for burning books.
What does Beatty say he dreamt? Beatty says he dreamed of he and Montag having an argument in which they quoted various author’s to make their points. This is his attempt to trap Montag and convince him to remain on the firemen’s side.
What does Faber say Montag must do? Faber says that Montag must listen to what Beatty has to say, then he must listen to what Faber has to say, and he has to decide which side he will join. It must be his personal choice.
Whose house do the firemen go to at the end of the chapter? The firemen go to Montag’s house.
Who drives the Salamander on this night? Why is it significant? Beatty drives the Salamander. It is significant because he never drives.
What has Montag done with all of the books he had hidden in the house? Montag hides his books behind a bush near the alley behind his house.
What is the connection with Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” with the events in this chapter? Montag is the one prisoner who was freed and gained enlightenment. Mildred and her friends are the prisoners left in the cave who Montag goes back for to try to educate on what is outside.
How is Faber a coward? Faber is too scared to go out into the world and fight for what he believes in. He sends Montag out to do the brunt of the work.
What happens to Mildred? Mildred runs away.
What was really outside of Montag’s door at the beginning of the chapter? How do you know? It wasn’t a live dog as Mildred thought, but the Mechanical Hound. The reference to the smell of ‘electrical blue’ hints at this.
What does Faber read to Montag? Faber reads the Book of Job to Montag.

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