Fahrenheit 451 (Part 2)

Montag and Mildred think someone is at the door. Why doesn’t the door-voice tell them if someone is there? Montag had turned it off before they started reading.
What does Mildred think is at the door? What is at the door? Mildred thinks it is a dog, but it’s actually the hound.
What is Montag talking about when he says he saw a snake? The machine the hospital had used on Mildred.
What is a rumor Montag has heard? They are having a great life while the rest of the world is suffering.
What does Montag remember when he is wondering where to get a teacher? He thought of the green park a year ago and he saw an old man in the black suit hide something, quickly in his coat.
Who is the English Professor? Faber
What did the last liberal arts college shut down? lack of scholars
When Faber was about to leave Montag, he said some things. What did Montag think he was reciting? Montag thought he was reciting a poem.
What does Faber give Montag at the end of their meeting? an address
What are some of the books that Montag asks Faber about? Shakespeare & Bible
Why is Faber afraid to ask? He thinks it’s a trap.
Why is Mildred excited? ladies are coming over
What is the name of the show that Mildred plans to watch? He asked if the White Clown loves her.
While Montag is on the train what does he remembers about when he was a child? He remembered sitting on a yellow dune at the beach with a sieve of sand in his hand.
Why is he trying to remember the Bible? He is trying to memorize it in case it get burned.
What is causing Montag to have a difficult time reading the Bible? people are distracting him + background noises (music)
]How does Montag begin to behave? He yelled shut up and to move away from.
Whom does Montag visit? Faber
How is Professor Faber described? white, old & fragile
22. According to Faber, what does Jesus do on the parlor walls? He said that Jesus is in the parlor TV and is used to advertise products.
According to Faber, why is Faber a coward? He had the chance to save books and be a leader but he didn’t because he was scared.
What are the three qualities that Faber says are needed? leisure, quality of information & the right to move or act
What idea did Montag have? He thinks they should get a printer press to print extra copies of books.
What is Faber’s reaction to Montag’s idea? burning the structure so he suggested that they hide books in the firemen’s houses
What does Montag do to the Bible to try to get Faber to agree to help? tear the pages off
What does Faber give Montag to help him out with his meeting with Beatty? a seashell radio
Describe the bank. It is opened for 24 hours, robotic people.
Describe the show that Mildred and her friends are watching? a. It jumps from one thing to the next.
What does Montag do to the parlor walls? pulled out the plug
What questions does he ask? a. He asked about their husbands and children.
What happened to Gloria’s husband? killed himself jumping off a building
How did Mrs. Bowles have two children? c-section
What were Mrs. Bowles’s reasons for having children? to continue the race of people
Describe Mrs. Bowles’s way of parenting. She doesn’t show love toward her children because she sends them to boarding school most of the time and when they are not at school, she puts them in front of the TV and leaves them there.
How did the women vote? What did they use for criteria when voting for president? based on looks
What does Montag do after he can’t take the women anymore? He gets a book and read.
What is the name of the poem Montag reads? Dover Beach
What is Mrs. Phelps’s reaction to the poem? She started crying.
What does Montag do with the book after he has read the poem? He burned it.
What does Beatty say when he sees Montag in the firehouse? He called him a fool, but says that he was sensible to come back and welcome him back to work.
According to Beatty, why does he quote from the books that Montag clings to? He wants to prove to Montag that books are very contradictory, so they cannot be relied on to give him the answers he is looking for.
What house do the firemen go to? Montag’s house

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