Fahrenheit 451 Part 1 Comprehension Crossword Puzzle Answers

Down 1: Clarisse is classified as being_________ Antisocial
Down 2: Mechanical______; Chased Criminals Hound
Down 3: Clarisse’s age sixteen
Down 5: The People On the Parlor-Walls Are Called__________ relatives
Down 6: Houses are completely____________ Fireproof
Down 8: What Montag took from the old lady’s attic book
Down 9: The vegetable Clarisse’s psychologist compares her to Onion
Down 10: Mildred tried to overdose on sleeping__________ Pills
Down 13: Flame Starter igniter
Down 15: Everyone says that they want to be ___________ Happy
Down 18: The current season autumn
Down 21: The name of the ear plugs worn by many people Seashells
Across 4: Said that Clarisse must be simple minded Mildred
Across 7: The Color of the dress Clarisse wore the night she met Montag White
Across 11: The flower Clarisse uses to determine if people are in love Dandelion
Across 12: Montag’s Job Firefighter
Across 14: The majority of the alarms go off at _______ Night
Across 16: The liquid the firefighters use Kerosene
Across 17: Everyone says they want to have _________________ Fun
Across 19: The Person who inspires Clarisse to think and be different Uncle
Across 20: The Mythical creature on Montag’s Uniform Phoenix
Across 22: Montag says that kerosene smells like__________ Perfume

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