Fahrenheit 451- Part 1

What is Montag’s occupation? fireman
What is unusual about Montag’s job? he starts fires rather than putting them out
How does Montag’s feel about His job? he loves it
what time of year is it? fall/autumn
who is Clarisse McClellan? montag’s neighbor
what effect does she have on Montag? makes him think/ see inside himself.
what two symbols on Montag’s uniform seem to hypnotize Clarisse? salamander, Phoenix
To what does Montag compare kerosene? perfume
How old is Montag? 30
How long has he been a fireman? 10 years
What is the official slogan of the fireman? Monday burn Millay, Wednesday Whitman, Friday Faulkner, burn ’em to ashes, the burn the ashes.
What is wrong with Mildred? overdosed, takes sleeping pills every night.
Describe Montag’s marriage and relationship with Mildred. Separate beds, all Mildred cares about are her TV show “family”, no love, boring
How is Montag’s home different from Clarisse’s? dark, quiet, TV’s
Why is Montag drawn to Clarisse’s home? all lit up with lights, talk to one another, lots of noise like laughter, lively.
What effect does the contrasedative have on Mildred? she is hungry and has no memory of what happened last night.
Describe the Mechanical Hound. metal; needle to kill with morphine; programmed to kill
Why does the hound worry Montag? it doesn’t seem to like him; maybe on purpose
Who is Beatty? fire captain
What reason does Montag give Clarisse for not having any children? Mildred did not want any.
Explain the irony of Clarisse being labeled antisocial. Because social is not asking questions. normal = shouting; fighting
Why does society provide activities for teens to “run (teens) ragged”? so they are too tired to do anything else.
According to Clarisse’s uncle, what virtue are the youth of society missing? responsibility.
What does the fireman in Seattle do to the Mechanical Hound? set it to his own chemical complex
Why did the fireman from Seattle do that? so it will kill him “suicide”.
What is announced on the radio? war may be declared any hour.
What are the shared features of firemen? black hair, black brows, red face, blue steel shaved but unshaved look.
why does Beatty refer to the old woman’s books as the Tower of Babel? Babel- confusion of languages= nonsenseBoooks are nothing = don’t die for “nothing”.
Why does the woman refuse to leave her books? she is making a stand for something she believes in.
What effect does the woman dying with her books have on the firemen, particularly Montag? fireman= none, montag= upset, tries to save her, even cries that night.
Why is it surprising that Beatty knows the Master Ridley quote? no-one is supposed to know “books”/ “literature”.
Montag has caught the “dis-ease”. What are his symptoms? feelings, stirring curiosity, misses Clarrisse.
Why must fire captains have book knowledge? to recognize it
Why does Beatty visit? suspects Montag’s state of mind
What does Beatty tell Montag? the history of books and firemen
What purpose does shrinking classics to brief synopses serve? more like a dictionary reference; speeds things up.
What literature is allowable? comics, magazines, trade journals.
Who are the “custodians of our peace of mind”? firemen (yet Montag does not have peace of mind)
Montag asks, “How do people like Clarisse come to exist in our world?”How does Beatty reply? Heredity and environment;Why they take the to school so young.
What happens to firemen who have books? 24 hrs. to read and then turn them in or burn them or they burn you!

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