Fahrenheit 451 part 1,2,3

What do “firemen” do in the novel? why is this ironic? they burn things & because they put out fires in our society now
who does montag meet on his way home? what do they talk about? how does montag feel about this conversation? Clarisse, they talk about books, life and firemen.
what does montag find when he walks into his house? who responds for help? Mildred has overdosed on sleeping pills, the operators come for help
what does mildred do all day? watch tv
what kind of girl is Clarisse? weird, she likes to think a lot, she goes out for walks
what is the mechanical hound? what does montag think is the reason for the attack in the firehouse? a dog that smells people that go against the govt. particularly people with books, and Montag thinks it has a glitch
what does the old lady do when the firemen put kerosene on her books? she lights a match and burns herself along with her books
how does Beatty describe to society in which they live? different and he thinks people don’t want books because of the developed technology now
who is mildreds family? the people on tv
what does mildred find under montags pillow? a book
what are beattys main points of his speech to montag? books are stupid, we all have temptations, you better give the book back
what does montag do after beatty leaves? how does mildred react? he shows mildred his book stash and she is scared, and she freaks out
instead of going to work, where does montag go? Faber’s house
what happens with montag on the subway? he gets distracted by a ad and freaks out and throws the book up in the air
why is faber hesitant to trust montag at first? because he’s a fireman
what do faber and montag talk about? copying the bible and getting it republished
according to faber, what 3 things are missing from society? 1. pure knowledge/ quality of info.2.the right to digest the info and learn from it3. to carry out what was learned in the book
what does montag do to mildreds friends? how do they react? reads them poetry, one of them cries, on of them gets angry and screams and she calls the firemen
when montag gets to the firehouse, what do him & beatty talk about? montag coming back to work and Beatty says quotes from books and makes montag flustered
where does montag go to their next fire call? His home
who turned in the alarm against montag? Mildred
what does montag do to his house? why? he burns it, bc beatty told him to
what does montag do next? where does he run? he kills Beatty with a flamethrower, he runs to the river
who is chasing montag and why? the hound, bc he killed Beatty
how does faber help montag? he tells him to go to the RR and find Granger and the homeless people who remember the books.
how does montag escape the hound? where does he hide? he gets to the river and jumps in
who does montag meet while walking on the RR tracks? what do they talk about? Granger
who do the police catch? a scape goat ( a random man walking down the street)
granger says their main job Is remembering, why? to pass on the information they learn from the books
why does granger want to build a mirror factory? so people can look and reflect on themselves
what are the implications of the last few pages? that society will rise from their ashes and rebuild itself.

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