Fahrenheit 451- entire book review

Main character, fireman who realizes his life is empty and finds meaning in the books that he is supposed to be burning, he tries to have better relationships Montag
retired English professor who tries to change society who refers to himself as a coward, helps Montag Faber
17 year old girl who introduces Montag to the world’s beauty, is an outcast from society Clarisse
Montag’s brittle sickly wife, obsessed with watching t.v., doesn’t talk to Montag about problems, committed suicide Mildred
Captain of Montag and fire department, hates people who reads books Beatty
Leader of the book people, a group of hobo intellectuals who Montag found in the country, he is intelligent and committed to preserving literature Granger
Beatty “Fire purifies and leaves everything clean”
Mildred “My family is real, they talk to me”
Faber “I am a cowardly lonely man”
Clarisse “Have you ever noticed how rain tastes like wine?”
Beatty “We protect people and keep them happy”
Granger “Our only value is the book we contain”
Clarisse “My uncle says people used to trust each other”
Montag “I can’t stand those stupid women babbling about nothing”
that Clarisse is dead What does Mildred forget to tell Montag
1. Are you happy?2. Did a fireman used to put out fires?3. What made you become a fireman? Clarisse’s questions for Montag
10 years Montag and Mildred have been married for how long?
are her pills / parlor walls Mildred’s means of escape
She didn’t believe Montag Mildred’s reaction to her near death experience
they are the t.v. shows Describe Mildred’s family
she sets the house on fire and she dies What happens to the old woman in her house
He reads What does Montag do after Beatty leaves?
10 years How long has Montag been a fireman
He shows him a copy of the Bible How does Montag convince Faber to help him
coward Faber considers himself a
the book of Job What does Faber read to Montag
It’s too loud and distracting Denham’s Dentifrice scene: How does the commercial affect Montag’s ability to think
they were upset How do Mildred and her friend react when Montag approaches holding a book
He is afraid of making a mistake that will get him in trouble/caught Why is Montag afraid of Beatty
Julius Caesar- There is no terror, Cassius, in your threats… What does Beatty quote before his death?
Montag gets in the truck and realize that it stops at Montag’s house and Beatty is driving the truck What is significant about the alarm/ride to Montag’s house?
Mildred Who turns Montag in?
as a scapegoat because they cannot find Montag Why do authorities arrest a pedestrian
memorization How is literature being preserved
He memorizes the Book of Ecclesiastes What is Montag’s contribution to Granger’s group
He compares humanity to the Phoenix and says that it will rise from the ashes Granger’s hope for the future is based on what?
because Beatty is trying to ruin Montag’s life Why does Montag kill Beatty
8 How many legs does the Hound have
Yes, because he stayed in the house and didn’t fight back Does Beatty want to die
railroad tracks What does Montag follow to reach the book people in the country
Montag printing co & Faber pencil company What was Montag/Faber named after
Chicago In what city did Mildred and Montag meet
They are preserving literature Why are the homeless men important to the world?
a sculptor What is Granger’s grandfather’s occupation?
A government control and manipulation of technology The Mechanical Hound
Montag’s efforts to learn as he reads Sieve and Sand
knowledge that alludes Montag Sand
Mind trying to make the knowledge permanent but it slips through Sieve
Destruction of books, people, society Fire
represent quality of life Books
symbol of firemen and name of the firetruck salamander
infinity mythological birds that burst into flames but can be reborn again Phoenix
escape of burden death/suicide

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