Fahrenheit 451 Discussion Questions

What do learn about Montag from the opening scenes? He enjoys burning things.
What kind of person is Clarisse McClellan? How is she different from Montag and Mildred? Clarisse is the type of person who literally would not stop talking even if her life depended on it, and she also seems to be intrigued by the world around her, unlike montag and Mildred.
Why does Mildred need to get her stomach pumped? How does she feel the next morning? What do these events tell you about Mildred and their world? Mildred needed to get her stomach pumped because she had an overdose of sleeping pills. She completely forgets about it the next day, and gets defensive when Montag asks her questions about it. This tells me that this sort of thing happens often in Montag and Mildred’s society.
What is the purpose of the mechanical hound? Why does Montag seem to fear the hound? The purpose of the hound is to kill animals and sort of sniff out people who still have books. Montag fears the hound because it keeps staring at him like it wants to kill him.
According to Clarisse, what do ordinary young people do in their society? What does this tell you about the quality of life in Montag’s world? The young people just do things like sports, or anything that’s not really as educational as reading a book. This tells me that their society is really basic and robotic, because everyone seems to act that way.
Why does Montag forget his helmet? Maybe it was symbolizing that he has more import matters on his mind, like finding himself and finding happiness, and his job was as important to him.
Instead of going to the firehouse, where does Montag go? He goes to Faber’s house.
What do Faber and Montag talk about? According to Faber, what are the three thing missing from society? Faber and Montag talk about the bible and getting it re-published.1. Pure Knowledge/ Quality of Information.2. The right to digest the information.3. To carry out what was learned in a book.
What does Faber give Montag so the two can continue to communicate? A small, green, bullet shaped two – way radio of his invention.
What does Montag do to Mildred’s friends? How do they react? Montag reads poetry to Mildred’s friends.They react sad, angry, and they call the firemen.
When Montag arrives at the firehouse, how does Beatty attack and argue with Montag? What is Montag’s reaction? Beatty recites quotes from books, and Montag becomes flustered.
Where does Montag go on the next fire call? Why? He goes to his home because Mildred found a book and contacted the firemen.
What does Montag do to his house? Why? He burns it because Beatty told him to.
Then what does Montag do when Beatty finds Faber’s radio? Where does Montag run? He hits Beatty. Then Montag shoots Beatty with the flamethrower/fire hose thing. Montag runs to the river.
What realization about Beatty strikes Montag as he is saving his remaining books? What makes Montag think this? He realises that Beatty wanted to die.He knew Montag was going to kill him, so he just stood there, waiting for death.
Who is chasing Montag? Why? The mechanical hound because he killed Beatty.
How does Faber help Montag? He tells montag to go down the railroad tracks, and to find the homeless people who still remember the books and have “walking camps”.
How does Montag escape from the hound? Where does he hide? Montag escapes the hound by jumping into a river.
Who does Montag meet on the railroad tracks? What do they talk about? Granger. They talk about the people that still like books, and how the society would be better if it had books. Basically, how great books are they would have a positive impact on the society,
What is happening to the city? Who did the police catch? The city gets bombed and people are afraid of Montag and they are watching him be chased down on T.V. The police caught a random person.
How is the city destroyed? It gets bombed.
Granger says their main job is remembering. Why? To pass on information that they have learned from the books.
Why does Granger want to build a mirror factory? So people can look and reflect on themselves.
What is the double meaning of “Burning Bright,” the title and the final section of the book? One meaning is that the city literally burned. Another meaning is that the city sand the society will rise from the ashes and rebuild itself.

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