Fahrenheit 451 crossword puzzle

Ray Bradbury The author of the novel
Clarisse Girl who could be considered the most responsible for montage’s transformation is clarisse
Seashells Name for headphones or earbuds
Granger Teaches Montag that everyone has to leave his Mark on the world
Phoenix A symbol for rebirth from ashes
Burn Beatty says to do this to responsibilities and consequences
Family Mildred considers those on her parlor walls
Antisocial Clarisse is considered to be this; an example of irony
Kerosene Used by firefighters to burn books
River Montag jumps into this to escape from the mechanical hound
Ecclesiastes The book of the bible that Montag has in his memory
Pedestrian Clarisse’s uncle got arrested for being this
Salamander Symbol of the profession of firemen, shape of the trucks
Doverbeach Poem Montag reads to Mildred’s friends
Montag The protagonist is
Whiteclowns Mildred and her friends watched on the parlor walls is
Mechanical Hound Suspects Montag of doing something wrong, later chase him
Sleeping Pills Mildred overdoses on these
Beatty Montag kills this man
Billboard Used to be 20 ft. long but now are 200 ft. long
Faber Montag met in the park and who is helping him escape
Chicago The city where Montag met Mildred is at
Happy Clarisse asks Montag if he is this
Porches Architects stopped putting on these on houses
Professor faber’s old profession is
Dandy lion If you rub this on your chin an fit comes off, it means you are in love
Dead The government lies and tells the people that Montag is
Sieve Montag tried to fill one with sand as a child
Coward Faber believes himself to be this because he didn’t sand up for books when h could have

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