Fahrenheit 451

In this society, what do firefighters do? They burn books
Who is Clarisse McClellan? an unusual young girl who liked to think and talk; Montag’s neighbor; is later hit by a car and killed
For what “crimes” has Clarisse’s uncle been arrested? driving at 40 mi/h and being a pedestrian
What makes Clarisse’s family different from the others in the neighborhood? They practice customs that had been previously abandoned in society, such as talking and having discussions
What had Mildred done? How does she normally pass the time? She overdosed on sleeping pills; she watches TV
The next day, what disturbing statement did Clarisse make? She said that Montag isn’t like other firemen who dont talk to Clarisse
Who is the mascot of the fire department? The mechanical hound
What is school like in this society? Their classes consist of recreational activities (watching TV, sports)
How do students amuse themselves in their free time? They spend time at the “Fun Box”: an area in which they commit crimes and fight
What do the rule books say about the firemen of America? They always burned books and never stopped fires; Ben Franklin was 1st fireman
According to Beatty, how did the ever increasing speed of society affect books? The books decreased in importance as technology advanced
What became the most important thing in society? Equality
What deal did Beatty make with Montag? If Montag doesn’t burn the book he stole, he will have to burn his house down.
Who comes sniffing around the door as Montag is reading? The mechanical hound
Why does Montag think of the old man in the park? He is in need of a teacher
What did Montag carry with him as he rode the subway to see Faber and what did he will himself to do? He carried the last copy of the bible in existence and he memorized verses
What was the plan that Faber and Montag devised together? They are going to plant books inside of firemen’s homes to get them arrested and show that authority/society is concaving in on itself
What approaching disaster is Faber counting on to give the intellectuals a chance to be heard? War
How do Faber and Montag communicate? Through a bluetooth ear piece
How does Mrs. Phelps feel about children and does Mrs. Bowles agree? Mrs. Phelps hates children. Mrs. Bowles doesn’t agree, as she sees them as necessary to the growth of society, but she is glad she doesn’t have to see her two kids often.
What do the women base their presidential votes on? Looks
What three things does Faber say are missing? The quality of information, the leisure of it, and the right to act on the first two
How is Montag’s childhood experience with the sieve and the sand connected to his difficulty with understanding books? No matter how hard he tried, he could never completely fill the sieve as the sand would just fall out the other side. If he tried to do it faster, the sand would fall out faster. No matter how hard he tries to digest the information he reads, he cannot. The faster he tries to memorize it at once, the quicker he forgets.
What is the real beauty of fire according to Beatty? It is capable of burning all the responsibilities and pain that come with life
What happens to Beatty and the mechanical hound? Montag burns them after being forced to burn his own house
What does Montag realize about Beatty and his death? He was unhappy with his life decisions and wanted to die
What is the one man circus? Montag being chased by the hounds on TV
What does the river give Montag time to do? Think in peaceful silence
Who is Granger and what does he give Montag? He is a homeless intellectual; he gives Montag a chemical compound to change his sweat so the hounds cannot track him
What happens to the city? It is bombed and left in ruins

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