Fahrenheit 451

Guy Montag -Protagonist-Sympathetic, curious, caring, unhappy, changes throughout the book-Married to Mildred-Unlike other Firemen-Feels bad for the lady when he has to burn her books-Opens his mouth to the rain-Sometimes asks “unconsiously” does things without even realizing: such as his murder of Beatty
Mildred -Disbelieving/In denial: about her suicide attempt-Untrustworthy/loyal: turns in Montag-In her own world; watches the family-Very nervous when Beatty comes to their house, but ends up blowing their cover-Oblivious: to the Mechanical Hound in their yard
Clarisse -Open minded: talks about nature, observant-Curious: Asks, why, not what-Influential: Has an effect on Montag after asking if he is happy-INSIGHTING FORCE: gets the conflict going ^-Percieves the world differently-Only 17; very wise-Gets run over by a car; Mildred doesn’t want to talk about her
Beatty -Antagonist-Fire chief-Close-minded: wants to burn books and refuses to believe anything otherwise-Used to be a librarian; books tempt him so he dislikes them-Satisfaction after he burns books; one less to tempt him-Smoky, burnt, black appearance “smoldering”
Faber -Professor-Montag brings him a Bible-Tinkers with electronics-Makes a speaking device;ironic because Montag wants to think for himself but with the device, Faber is thinking for him-Coward; sees Montag as his second chance to make a change
The Hound -Eight legged-Insect legs-Symbol of a creeping spider-Hound in controlled by the government/Beatty; has it out for Montag
Granger -The leader of the “Book People,” the group of hobo intellectuals Montag finds in the country-Intelligent, patient, and confident-Wants to preserve books throughout the Dark Age
Mrs. Bowles -Mildred’s friend-Typical person in the society; uncaring; oblivious
Stoneman/Black -Two fireman Montag works with; don’t question their job; normal “firefighters”-Montag plants the books in BLACK’s home
Rising Action 1) Witnesses an old woman burn along with her books2) Montag takes The Bible3) Hears of Clarrisse’s death4) Looks for history in his books5) Seeks help from Faber6) Mechanical Hound shows up in their yard7) Reads Dover Beach to Mildred’s friends; realized how superficial they are8) Mildred/friends report him for the possession of books9) Montag is instructed to burn his house down
Climax Montag’s murder of Beatty
Inciting Force Clarrisse acts Montag; “Are you happy?”
Falling Action 10) Destroys the Mechanical Hound11) Runs to Fabers who instructs him to head to the outskirts of the city; gives him Whiskey12) Hound chases him13) Meets Granger and unites with the book people; knows he is safe14) City is blown up; Granger/group/Montag eat breakfast then head for the destroyed city
Resolution Montag and a large group of the book people have a process of conserving books forever by word of mouth; which leaves hope for the demolished city to be reborn with the use of books
Setting Time: Future, 24th century; books over the course of 3 weeksPlace: Montag’s city and the outskirts
Internal Conflict Montag’s happiness
External Conflict Montag’s unwanting for Fireman to burn books
Theme If everything is censored, eventually there will be nothing leftKnowledge vs. Ignorance: Beatty/Fireman want to destroy knowledge and promote ignorance, Faber/Clarrisse/Montag/Granger/Book People try to do the opposite
Symbols Clarrisse/Mirrors: Self reflectionBomb: New beginningsFire/Burning: CensorshipAdvertisements: Government’s promotion of ignorancePheonix: New beginnings from ashes
Irony Montag&Faber: Montag wants to speak for himself, but Faber creates a device where he is able to think for himMontag’s burning house: Firemen burn other things; not their own
Foreshadowing First impressions of the mechanical houndConversation with Beatty: “You always said, don’t face a problem, burn it.”How Montag used to have “nervous glances” towards the air vent where he kept booksJet noises: Symbol of war/foreshadowing
Salamander’s Relation to Fire Lives in it
Granger’s Grandfather Scuptor
Before Beatty’s death Quotes Julius Caesar
The Book of Job Book Faber reads to Montag over the radio
Mrs. Phelps One of Mildred’s friends; cries when Montag reads the poetry because her husband is at war; shows her feelings are there
Drug Hound injects in Montag’s leg Procaine
Firemen’s uniforms Black and Orange
Info about Setting -False sense of Happiness-Unsocial; not a lot of talking/thinking/pondering-Many OD; have the Snake-Government believes they are perfect-No books-Advertisements are big in the society-War/conflict

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