Example of Rhetorical Devices : Act 1 of The Crucible

Apostrophe when abigail was yelling at betty to be quiet of witchcraft, and betty called out to her dead mother.
Symbolism the forest if a symbol for which puritans despise it because of the devil, martha corey hides books which may indicate witchcraft, reverend hale is super smart and carries books
Point of View second point of view, exposition
Allegory salem witch trials and the mccarthy hunt
Foreshadowing “The Salem Tragedy, which is about to being in these pages..”
Situational Irony we expected people that admitted to witchcraft to be executed
Verbal Irony mrs. putnam with a growing edge of sarcasm..
Dramatic Irony when abigail denies being included in witchcraft but you know she actually was
Motif fear/power
Theme one cannot have fear without power, no power no fear

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