Exam for “The Crucible” Act III

contentious (adjective) Danforth: looking directly at Giles: “Who is this man?” Parris: Giles Corey, sir, and a more contentious. (adjective) argumentative
deposition (noun) Proctor: reaching into his jacket; “She has signed a deposition, sir–“ (noun) the testimony of a witness made under oath but not in open court.
imperceptible (adjective) Danforth: now an almost imperceptible hardness in his voice; “Then your purpose is somewhat larger.” (adjective) barely noticeable.
anonymity (noun) Danforth: to Giles: “Old man, if your informant tells the truth let him come here openly like a decent man. But if hide in anonymity I must know why. Now sir, the government and central church demand of you the name of him who reported Mr. Thomas Putnam a common murderer.” (noun) the condition of being unknown
incredulously (adverb) Danforth, pointing at Abigail, incredulously: “This child would murder your wife?” (adverb) skeptically
Which three depositions are presented to the judges and on whose behalf? The three depositions are: Mary’s stating the witchcraft accusations are false; Giles accusing Putnam; and the ninety-one character witnesses’ support of the three women.
How do the judges discourage defenses of the accused? The judges discourage defenses as is a contempt of court and order the arrest of those who defend the accused.
What does John Proctor confess to Danforth? John admits of lechery with Abigail.
Why does Proctor make his confession of adultery? He needs to make his confession of adultery in order to prove Abigail is not a “nice” girl.
What does John Proctor’s confession reveal about his character? He is willing to sacrifice his good name and face punishment to save his wife and others.
What is the lie Elizabeth Proctor tells Danforth? Elizabeth claims ignorance of John’s affair with Abigail in order to protect her husband, but this makes Abigail appear innocent of John Proctor’s charges.
What truth does Mary Warren reveal about her involvement with “spirits”? Mary states she made it all up. She used the word “pretense”.
Why does Mary Warren change her testimony and turn on John Proctor? The other girls turn on her and accuse her of witchcraft, and she is too frightened to stand up to them. Mary Warren shouts, “Stop it!”
What does Hale denounce at the end of Act III? Hale denounces the court proceedings.
What is the significance of lighting described in the stage directions. The shafts of light entering the room are symbolic of goodness.
Who is being charged as Act Three begins? Martha Corey is being charged as the act begins.
What possible motive does Giles Corey offer for the accusations against his wife and others? Giles Corey accuses Thomas Putnam of attempting to acquire more land.
When Thomas Putnam is accused by Giles Corey of attempting to acquire more land, how are these charges received? Giles Corey is thrown out of the courtroom and threatened with arrest for contempt.
Why does Giles feel guilty? Giles believes he has jeopardized his wife by mentioning that she reads books.
What does Proctor and Mary bring with them as evidence? Proctor and Mary being a deposition signed by Mary that the trials are a fraud.
How does Judge Danforth measure his worth? Judge Danforth measures his worth by the number of people he has jailed and sentenced to hang.
What does Parris do when Proctor attempts to make his case? Parris attempts to call John Proctor’s christian character into question when John Proctor makes his case with Mary Warren.
What is happening to Hale at this point? Hale has started to believe that the truth is not being served.
How is Mary’s statement that the accusations are mere pretense received? The judges believe that the whole group is attempting to undermine the authority of the court by making charges of fraud. Mary’s statement is ignored.
What news does Danforth give John Proctor about his wife? Proctor is told that his wife claims she is pregnant.
Why did the court not believe this assertion at first that Elizabeth was pregnant? The court first assumed that Elizabeth was lying about pregnancy to avoid hanging.
What does Proctor tell Danforth about his doubts of her being pregnant? Proctor tells Danforth that Elizabeth is incapable of telling lie.
What offer is made to Proctor by Danforth regarding Elizabeth’s pregnancy? Danforth offers to Elizabeth one year to bear her child, hoping this will allow John Proctor to drop his charges against the court.
What happens to the people who signed the deposition upholding the three women’s innocence? All ninety-one signers are ordered arrested for questioning.
What does Giles Corey charge in his deposition against Thomas Putnam? Corey charges Putnam with attempting to kill his neighbors in order to buy their land.
How does Putnam answer to the charge of killing his neighbors in order to obtain their land? Putnam claims the accusation is a lie, and since the charge cannot be proved, Putnam is believed.
What does Mary Warren’s deposition claim? Mary’s deposition claims she never dealt with Satan and that her friends are lying.
What advice does Hale recommend after reading Mary Warren’s deposition? Hale advises Proctor to return to court with a lawyer to present such serious evidence.
Why does Danforth not allow Proctor to obtain a lawyer to defend himself from Mary Warren’s deposition? Danforth claims that the evidence against those accused is invisible and that a lawyer would only call extraneous witnesses.
Who is Judge Hathorne? He is one of he judges in the witch trials.
What is the position in the courtroom of Deputy Governor Danforth? He is the chief judge of the witch trials.
What does Abigail do when confronted with Mary’s accusation? The attempt to make something that is not the case appear true. Abby denies the proceedings are mere pretense.
What behavior of Abby’s does Proctor bring to the judges’ attention? Abby has laughed during prayer and danced naked in the woods.
Why does John Proctor choose to reveal these things about Abby? Proctor attempts to show flaws in Abby’s Christian character that might prove that she is lying.
What is Reverend Parris’ reaction to these charges against his niece Abigail? Parris reacts to the charges against Abby as if they were personal insults against himself.
How is Mary asked to prove that the girls were lying? Mary is asked to fake fainting to show how the girls were faking in the court.
How does Abigail respond to Mary’s assertions that the girls were all lying? Abigail turns against Mary, claiming that Mary has sent her spirit out to afflict her.
What does John Proctor call Abigail? Proctor calls Abigail a *****, confessing his lechery before the court.
Who is brought in to back up his testimony, and what does she do? Elizabeth is brought in to back up her husband’s testimony, and she lies.
How does Mary finally respond to Abby’s behavior? Mary is terrified, and rather than risk being hanged as a witch, she once again sides with the other girls and accuses Proctor of being a witch.
What happens to Proctor at the end of Act III? Proctor is arrested and jailed as a witch.
What is Elizabeth’s motive for evading Danforth’s questions regarding Abigail’s dismissal from the Proctor household? Elizabeth wants to avoid lying in court.
What motivates Hale to denounce the proceedings and quit the court? Hale becomes convinced that Proctor is honest and Abigail the other girls are not.
pretense an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true
“ipso facto” by that very fact; therefore Latin

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