Exam for “The Crucible” Act II

What does Mary Warren bring home to Elizabeth Proctor? Mary Warren brings home a doll she made for Elizabeth Proctor.
What is the significance of the gift Mary Warren gave to Elizabeth Proctor? The gift from Mary Warren serves as evidence in Elizabeth’s arrest for witchcraft.
What evidence is used to support Abigail’s William’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft? Abigail’s pretending of finding a needle stuck in her own belly is cited as evidence. This supports Abigail’s assertion of Elizabeth Proctor’s guilt of witchcraft because of Elizabeth’s having the doll with a needle stuck in it.
Do you think the evidence is compelling of Abigail’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft because Elizabeth had possession of the doll with the needle stuck in it along with the supposed pain that Abigail had? Hint: Abigail still loves John Proctor Proctor. The evidence is not compelling of Abigail’s assertion of Elizabeth Proctor because Abigail sat next to Mary as Abigail made the doll. Abigail could have easily inserted the needled. (Remember Abigail wants John Proctor for herself.)
What does Sarah Good do to save herself from hanging? Sarah Good confesses to being a witch.
Why do you think Sarah Good’s confession of being a witch would save her??? In confessing, Sarah Good’s is believed to have repented. Only unrepentant persons are put to death.
According to John Proctor, what is “walking Salem” and writing the law in the community? Vengeance is walking Salem and writing its laws.
Vengeance Punishment in return for an injury or a wrong; unusual force or violence.
Who says the witchcraft trials are a “black mischief”? John Proctor says witchcraft trials are a “black mischief”.
Lechery (noun) “Abby’ll charge lechery on you, Mr. Proctor.” (noun) lust adultery – a charge almost as serious as witchcraft in this Puritan society.
Pallor. (noun) Mary Warren: “I am sick, I am sick, Mr. Proctor, pray, hurt me not.” Her strangeness throws him off, and her evident pallor and weakness. He frees her. (noun) paleness
Ameliorate. (verb) Mary Warren: ” He sentenced her. He must. To ameliorate it: but not Sarah Good. For Sarah Good confessed, y’see.” (verb) make better
Avidly. (adverb) Mary Warren: “…recite for us your commandments!” — leaning avidly toward them — and of all ten she could say. (adverb) eagerly
base. (adjective) Proctor: “Woman, am I so base? Do you truly think me base?” (adjective) low; mean
Deference. (noun) Quite suddenly, as though from the air, a figure appears in the doorway. They start slightly. It is Mr. Hale. He is different now — drawn a little, and there is a quality of deference, even of guilt, about his manner now. (noun) courteous regard or respect.
theology. (noun) Hale: “Mr. Proctor, your house is not a church; your theology must tell you that.” (noun) the study of religion.
What is the significance of John Proctor’s re-seasoning of the soup? The unseasoned soup is a symbol of the Proctors’ flavorless marriage.
The relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor is tense and strained.
What is the position Marry Warren holds? Mary Warren is now an official in the newly formed court.
How many judges are in charge of the court? The court consists of four judges sent from Boston.
What action has the court taken? The court has accused fourteen Salem citizens of witchcraft in the beginning of Act II.
What will happen if the accused townspeople do not confess? The accused townspeople will be hanged if they do not confess.
What issue does Elizabeth continue to hound her husband about? Elizabeth cannot forgive John’s adultery with Abigail.
What does Elizabeth’s lack of mercy and understanding foreshadow? Elizabeth’s behavior towards John foreshadows the later actions of the court.
Why does John Proctor hesitate to go to the court and reveal Abigail’s fraud? John Proctor fears he will not be believed in court since there are no witnesses to Abigail’s confession.
What does Mary Warren give Elizabeth? Elizabeth is John Proctor’s wife. Mary Warren gives Elizabeth a poppet (doll) that she had sewn in court.
What is Elizabeth’s reaction to the gift that Mary Warren gave her? Elizabeth is John Proctor’s wife. Elizabeth is surprised. A doll is an odd gift to give a grown woman.
In Act II, how many people have been arrested? Thirty-nine people have been arrested at the end of Act II.
What will happen to those who do not confess? Those who do not confess will be hanged.
One person confessed to being a witch. Who was that person? Sarah Good confessed of being a witch.
One person confessed and what does this mean for the remaining accused of being in league with Satan? The charges become more believable for the remaining accused of being in league with Satan since Sarah Good confessed of being a witch.
What spared Sarah Good from hanging? Sarah is pregnant and that spares her from being hanged.
Mary Warren The servant in the Proctor household and a member of Abigail’s group of girls. She is a timid girl, easily influenced by those around her, who tried unsuccessfully to expose the hoax and ultimately recanted her confession.
What shocking news does Mary Warren offer in regards to Elizabeth Proctor? Mary Warren reveals that Elizabeth has been accused of witchcraft.
Who does Elizabeth Proctor suspect alleging the charge of witchcraft? Elizabeth suspects Abigail who will eventually marry John Proctor.
Elizabeth Proctor has been accused of witchcraft. Does John Proctor immediately go to the court to clear he name of witchcraft? John hesitates to go to court to defend Elizabeth. He goes after Elizabeth intimidates him to go to court.
Why does Hale appear at the Proctor house? Hale goes to the Proctor house to question them on their Christian character.
Why should John Proctor’s character be questioned? John Proctor does not attend church on a regular basis nor was his third son baptized.
What excuse does John give for not attending church? John Proctor explains that Elizabeth Proctor has been sick and he stayed home to take care of her.
What is the real reason John Proctor admits to for not going to church? John admits he does not like Reverend Parris.
Why is John Proctor’s not going to church important in the play? His failure of not going to church demonstrates his failure to conform to the rules of society by not participating in the community.
What does Hale ask the Proctor’s to do? The Proctors are asked to repeat the ten commandments.
Are the Proctor’s successful in naming all ten commandments? Elizabeth recites all ten. John recites only nine. The one critical one is the commandment regarding adultery.
What news briefly shakes Hale’s belief in the court system? Hale’s belief in the system is briefly shaken by the accusation of Rebecca Nurse who is known for her kindness and charity.
What are the orders does Cheever and Herrick have at the Proctor house? Cheever and Herrick are to search the Proctor’s house for poppets (dolls) and to arrest Elizabeth.
What grotesque event happened to Abigail during the trial? Abigail’s belly has been pierced deeply with a long needle.
When Abigail’s belly was pierced with a long needle, what is the magic behind the event? The poppet (doll) was found with a needle sticking out of its belly. The magic was based on the belief that dollars were kept by witches and manipulated in order to torture people.
Did Elizabeth Proctor collect poppets (dolls)? Elizabeth never had poppets in the house until the day when Mary Warren gave her one.
What was found in the poppet at Elizabeth Proctor’s house? A long needle was found in the poppet in the same place Abigail had been stabbed.
How did the needle get into the poppet? Mary Warren admits that she may have left the needle in there when she made the poppet.
Do the authorities believe Mary Warren’s statement of her leaving the needle in the poppet? The authorities ignore Mary Warren’s admission of her leaving the needle in the poppet.
What does John Proctor do with the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest? John Proctor tears up the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest.
What does John Proctor believe is motivating the court with the warrant to arrest Elizabeth Proctor? John Proctor believes the court is not motivated entirely by vengeance.
What does Mary Warren warn will happen if John Proctor attempts to interfere with the court proceedings? Mary Warren tells John Proctor that Abigail will accuse him of lechery if he attempts to interfere with the court proceedings.
Lechery unrestrained or excessive indulgence of sexual desire.

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