Euphemisms in the giver

euphemism an inoffensive or a detect word or expression substituted for one considered offensive or too direct; for example passed away is one for die
assignment assigned at the ceremony of 13 after a yearlong observation by Elders; it’s what you will do for the rest of your life
birth mother bears new children; three years, three births then they are laborers (have little honor)
ceremony of loss the accidental death of a child
ceremony for the ones all the children born the previous year turned one; the naming
ceremony of 12 held each December; you receive your assignment
comfort object given at bedtime to comfort, a stuffed animal taken away at 8
elders the older and wiser members of the community; observers; the receiver is the most important elder
elsewhere outside the community; where people who are released go
newchild babies from birth until the ceremony of ones
nurturer responsible for the physical and emotional needs of every newchild during it’s earliest life; Jonas’s fathers assignment
release a repeat offender released on third transgression (punishment) a new child not developing normally, of the elderly (a celebration)
sameness the society emphasizes similarities, people all treated alike; differences are ignored
stirrings sexual desired that are repressed with a pill
tellings tellings of feelings; an evening ritual

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