Eumaeus quotes

“My master, you see was one of those who went to Illium” -Still loyal to Odysseus -“My” highlights a connection
“My long suffering friend” -Sympathetic to the beggar’s situation.
“My poor friend! You have certainly touched my heart with the story of your hardship and wanderings.” -Feels strongly towards the stranger.
“Do have some sucking pig, which is all the servants can offer you.” -Gives everything he has
“Stranger, it is not right for him to turn away any stranger…For strangers and beggars all come in Zeus’ name.” -Positive view on Strangers
“Oh no my friend! What on earth put such a scheme into your head?” -It’s in Eumaeus’ nature to be caring.
“No, stay with me, where nobody finds you a nuisance.” -Wants O to stay with him.
“the admirable swineherd threw his arms around Telemachus (..) and showered kisses on him.” -Compassionate, paternal figure for T
“Eumaeus jumped up in amazement.” -He’s excited for T to come home.

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