Epithets in the Odyssey

Epithet or an Homeric epithet One of the most noticeable features of Homer’s Odyssey. It is a tag or nickname that can be used on its own or together with the real name.
Achilles swift-footed ; godlike ; shepherd of the people ; son of Peleus ; leader of men
Aeolus God of winds
Agamemnon King of Mycenae; wide-ruling; lord of men ; godlike ; glorious son of Atreus
Alcinous king of phaeacia
Antinous …, a leader among the suitors
Athena Goddess of the flashing eyes, grey-eyed goddess; daughter of Zeus; goddess of wisdom and warfare; queen of tactics, bright-eyed, the grey-eyed goddess, tireless child of Zeus, dim phantom
Calypso sea nymph
Charybdis Whirlpool
Circe witch-goddess; daughter of Helios the sun-god;
Elpenor youngest companion or crew member
Eumaeus A swineherd, an old and loyal servant
Eurycleia Loyal servant and nurse
Eurylochus rebel and crew member, convinced to eat cattle
Eurymachus manipulative, deceitful suitor
Helen long-dressed ; lovely-haired ; Argive ; daughter of a noble house ; daughter of Zeus who holds the aegis
Helios Sun god
Hermes god of the golden wand, giant killer; messenger ; son of Zeus ; Giant-killer ; kindly ; greatest of gods in his mind’s subtlety ; the strong one
Laertes aging father, week and in despair
Menelaus master of the war-cry ; glorious ; excellent ; fair-haired ; warrior ; red-haired ; son of Atreus; red-haired king, red-haired captain, king with flaming hair, Atreus’ royal son, , lord marshal,
Mentor a wise and loyal friend and adviser, in disguise
Nausicaa Princess of the Phaeacians, daughter of Alcinous
Nestor breaker of horses; godlike ; Gerenian horseman ; huge ; son of Neleus Pylos-born King sweet spoken; Nestor of Gerenia, Prince of charioteer, Pride of Akhains, Neleus’s son, Master Charioteer
Odysseus the foreman of men, master of many exploits, man of twists and turns, raider of cities, hotheaded, master improviser, great seasoned old campaigner, man for all occasions;noble, man skilled in all ways of contending, the wanderer; Zeus’ equal in his mind’s resource ; son of Laertes ; resourceful ; nimble-witted ; famous spearman ; godlike ; sacker of cities ; much-enduring ; gallant ; stalwart ; loved of Zeus ; famed ; hardy ; royal ; great glory of the Achaians
Penelope wise ; queen ; flawless ; richly-dowered ; prudent ; Ikarius’ daughter ; constant .
Polyphemus Cyclops, son of Poseidon, one-eyed giant
Poseidon – earth-shaker ; – dark-haired god powerful lord ; – encircler of the earth; – Blue-maned god who makes the islands tremble, – earthshaker, – the god who laps the land in water
Scylla six-headed sea monster
Teiresias Theban Prince; Seer of Thebes
Telemachus clear-headed, Odysseus’ true son
Zeus son of Kronos ; wide-seeing ; the father ; the cloud – gatherer ; who holds the aegis ; father of gods and men ; master of the bright lightening ; the father of men and gods; summoner of the clouds, he who views the wide world; he who marshals the storm clouds

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