Epic similes in the odyssey

Page 135How odysseus will kill the suitors Tenor:Odysseus, SuitorsVehicle:Lion, Fawns
Page 237On circes island where crew meets animals circe has made Tenor:Crew, OdysseusVehicle: Animals begging, Master of anumals
Page 243Odysseus returns to ship to tell crew that Circe is safe Tenor:Crew, OdysseusVehicle: Calves, Cow
Page 278When they are going past scylla and charybdis Tenor:Charybdis, WhirlpoolVehicle: Cauldron, Fire
Page 279When they are going through scylla and charybdis Tenor:Crew being eaten by Scylla, ScyllaVehicle:Fish being caught by a fisherman, fisherman
Page 287Odysseus is anxious to be back in ithaca Tenor: OdysseusVehicle:Starving man
Page 325 (omen)Telemachus with Menelaus and King nestors son Tenor:Suitors, odysseusVehicle: Geese, eagle
Page 339Eumaeus and telemachus are reunited Tenor:Eumaeus, TelemachusVehicle: Father, son
Page 358 (mini)Telemachus arrives in Pylos, meets nestor Tenor: Nestor, TelemachusVehicle: Father, long-lost son
Page 358Telemachus telling Penelope about his journey Tenor:Odyssey, SuitorsVehicle: Lion, Doe and fawns
Page 397Odysseus, disguised as a begger, tells penelope his story and she cries Tenor:Penelope, TearsVehicle:Mountain, Snow
Page 400Disquised odysseus trying to convince Penelope odysseus will come back Tenor:OdysseusVehicle: New moon coming back
Page 411Odysseus getting angry Tenor:OdysseusVehicle: Female dog over pups
Page 411Odysseus controlling his anger Tenor:OdysseusVehicle:Cooking a blood sausage
Page 434 Tenor:Vehicle:
Page 448During the fight with the suitors Tenor:Attackers, suitorsVehicle:Eagles, small birds
Page 451Odysseus checking to see if anyone is still alive anf finding no one Tenor:Suitors, OdysseusVehicle:Fish on beach, Fisherman
Page 451Eurycleia seeing odysseus covered in blood in front of suitors Tenor:OdysseusVehicle:Lion that just attacked oxen
Page 463Penelope happily crying because odysseus is home Tenor:PenelopeVehicle: Joy of a sailor reaching land after shipwreck
Page 468Ghosts of suitors being led by Hermes Tenor:Ghosts of suitorsVehicle: bats

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