English Vocab and odyssey

Ermitting passage of light but diffusing it so that the objects beyond a certain point are not clearly visible Tranluscnet
Highest authority Dominion
A meeting place or assembly for open discussion; a public discussion with audience participation Forum
To be pleasured or to get enjoyment or gratification from Relish
Something that frustrates, impairs, or destroys Blight
Take or done by stealth or in secret; sly Furtive
A state of balance between opposing forces or actions Equilibrium
A witty, severe, or sarcastic reply Retort
To strengthen by adding new support or assistance Reinforce
To overcome completely Vanquish
Markedly, abrupt, sharp, and often harsh Brusque
To separate or remove from outside influences Seclude
Having a natural inclination r tendency toward something; also lying flat facing downward Prone
To manage or direct the affairs of Administer
To show honor or devotion to Revere
Fearful of what may be coming Apprehensive
Why is Zeus upset with the mortals, and what examples does he give? They were always blaming the gods. He uses Aegisthus as an example, saying he was warned but would not heed hermes’s advice
Why was Telemachus indignant when he saw Athena on the threshold of the outerporch? He was indignant that a guest had to wait so long
Explain the symbolism of where Telemachus places Pallas Athena’s spear. He put her spear next to Odysseus’s spear, symbolizing how she is by his side.
Why does Telemachus say that if Odysseus had died at Troy he would have grieved lessfor him than he now does? There would have been closure
Eurycleia was a prized slave in Odysseus‟s household. What was her relationship withOdysseus‟s father, Laertes? With Odysseus‟s son, Telemachus? Laertes paid a small fortune for her when she was still a girl and honored her as he did his wife,though he never slept with her. Eurycleia loved Telemachus the most, had nursed him as a baby,and takes care of him now.
Reflect on why Telemachus said it would be better if the Ithacans consumed all of hisresources. He could just go through town and get the goods back.
Describe one of the tricks Penelope devised to hold off the suitors. She started weaving a shroud which she would secretly unweave at night
What will Telemachus do if he learns that his father is dead? He will build Odysseus a barrow then marry off his mother.
Show how Mentor rebukes the men of Ithaca. He criticizes them for not speaking out against the suitors
Define the epithet “godlike Odysseus.” People think he is part God because he is so brave and handsome and he is a hero
How did Athena recruit sailors and acquire a fast ship? She disguised herself as Telemachus and went through the town recruiting them.
Why is Athena so confident that Telemachus can successfully approach and inquire ofNestor? Because he is Odysseus son
Explain why Nestor knew nothing of who survived and who was lost in the Trojan War. He fled with all his ships.
What would Mentor/Athena rather do than be killed at his/her hearth? Would rather suffer on the homeward journey.
When Peisistratus and Telemachus arrived at the hollows of Lacedaemon, they drove onto where? What was taking place there? They drove on to Menelaus’s palace, where a wedding feast was about tobegin
To which goddess is Helen compared when she arrives in the hall? Artemis.
Describe how athena helps them get over their sorrow. She drugged them
Why did Telemachus go to Sparta? to ask Menelaus what happened to Odysseus.
Summarize Menelaus‟s description of death for the suitors. like a lion finding fawns in his lair.
What “galled” Athena? that Odysseus was still in Calypso’s cave.
How does Calypso defend herself? She saved Odysseus’s life, loved him, took care of him, and offered to make him immortal.
Discuss the oath that Odysseus makes Calypso swear. that she is not planning more trouble for him.
How did Odysseus know where to steer his raft? He knows what he is doing and uses the stars to navigate.
How was Odysseus able to make it so far across the sea without being bothered by Poseidon? Poseidon was away with the Aethiopians.
To what is Odysseus compared when he is clinging to the rocks? an octopus.
Who gave Odysseus the quickest release from pain and fatigue, and how did she do it? Athena put him to sleep
How was Athena able to talk to Nausicaa? She disguised herself as Nausicaa’s friend
To whom are Nausicaa and her attendants compared? Artemis and the other daughters of Zeus
What woke Odysseus? The girls’ screams
To what is Odysseus compared as he emerges from the bushes? a weathered mountain lion.
To what is Athena‟s makeover of Odysseus compared? a craftsman overlaying silver with pure gold.
Explain why Nausicaa wants Odysseus to wait outside the city. They might think she’s a hoe because he’s a strange hairy man
Why did Athena not meet Odysseus face to face? She didn’t wanna piss Poseidon off
Tell what Athena did to Odysseus as he started out for the city. Put magic most on him so no one would question him
Who was the young girl carrying a pitcher? What is her significance? Athena. so she can help him on his waywithout him being seen.
At what craft are the women of Phaeacia skilled? working the loom
What does Odysseus ask of Arete? for a speedy passage home.
To whom does Odysseus compare himself? to the most woebegone man you ever knew.
How is Odysseus able to forget his troubles? His hunger
In what way does Alcinous say Nausicaa was out of line? she did not bring Odysseus to the house with her handmaids.
Describe Pallas Athena‟s disguise as she went through the city. Alcinous’ herald.
Why did Athena pour a “shimmering grace” on Odysseus? So no one would bother him
Who is the godlike singer of tales? Demodocus
How well did Odysseus fare against the Phaeacian athletes? He threw the discus further
How did Odysseus seal the gift chest? with a knot he had learned from Circe
What did Odysseus ask Demodocus to sing about? how Odysseus sneaked into Troy using the woodenhorse

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