English The Great Gatsby

In the 1920s, there was a social revolution toward what kind of values? youthful
What is a synonym for desolate? barren
In “The Great Gatsby,” why did Daisy and Tom spend a year in France? There was no reason.
The T in the STEAL acronym for indirect characterization stands for thoughts
After World War I, life in America became prosperous
With which characters does F. Scott Fitzgerald have a good deal in common? Gatsby
What does supercilious mean? arrogant
In “The Great Gatsby,” Myrtle insists on stopping the taxi so she can purchase a dog
Which character’s actions in Chapter 2 of “The Great Gatsby” best exemplify the concept of the “cruel rich”? Tom
The Great Gatsby is written in which point of view? first person/first-person limited
Which word is the best antonym for malevolence? kindness
In “The Great Gatsby,” how does Nick know the evening is not quite over? He leaves the house and finds one of the guests has wrecked a car.
In “The Great Gatsby,” which of the following is evidence that Nick is a reliable, trustworthy narrator? He says himself that he is one of the few honest people he has ever known.
In “The Great Gatsby,” why is Nick an outsider in relation to Daisy and Tom? He works for a living.
Which word best completes the sentence?When she saw that she had been given the lead in the musical, Michelle threw up her hands in _____. exultation
In “The Great Gatsby,” what does Gatsby tell Nick about his family? They all died and left him a fortune.
In “The Great Gatsby,” what does Daisy say about Gatsby’s house when she first sees it? She doesn’t understand how he lives there alone.
In “The Great Gatsby,” why will Gatsby never be accepted by the likes of Daisy and Tom? His is “new” money.
According to the movie, many writers of the 1920s found hope in socialism
Which word completes the sentence?She was so _____; I could hardly get a word in. garrulous
In “The Great Gatsby,” why does Wilson want to get away? He suspects his wife is having an affair.
In “The Great Gatsby,” for what does Wilson mistake the advertisement featuring Doctor T.J. Eckleburg? God
In “The Great Gatsby,” some might say Gatsby achieved the American Dream because he went from rags to riches
In “The Great Gatsby,” Tom and Daisy have a _____ view of the American Dream. materialistic
A reference to another literary text, poem, or mythological story is a(n) allusion
Superfluous means excessive
In “The Great Gatsby,” what does Jordan tell Nick when they see each other after Gatsby’s death? She is engaged to another man.
In “The Great Gatsby,” the Merton College Library is a library at Oxford
What does the italicized word mean?The punctilious host checked to see that each napkin was correctly folded. thorough
Which of the following words is an antonym for garrulous? silent
Which of the following words is a synonym for laudable? admirable
Which of the following words is a synonym for notoriety? fame
What does the italicized word mean?The portentous actor stood up to receive the award, even though his name hadn’t yet been called. arrogant
Which of the following is an antonym for truculent? even tempered
In “The Great Gatsby,” George Wilson finds out who owned the yellow car from Tom
In “The Great Gatsby,” the only character who comes to know all of the details of the accident and all the complex relationships involved is Nick
In “The Great Gatsby,” why won’t Tom give up Daisy? She is one of his possessions.
Which words best describe Daisy from “The Great Gatsby?” weak and selfish
In “The Great Gatsby,” why did Gatsby buy his house in West Egg? He wanted to be near Daisy.

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