English – The Crucible Act 3 Questions

Reading of fortunes and harming the children What accusation does Hathorne make of Martha Corey?
They are both authority figures In what sense could Danforth and Hathorne be classified together?
Giles commented on her habit of reading What has Martha Corey done that results in her arrest?
Mary Warren confesses that she and the other girls have lied What new testimony does Mary Warren give?
It suggests that truth always prevails in court; however, the audience has already seen innocent people condemned What makes Danforth’s statement about the “pure in heart” an example of verbal irony?
Proctor presents to the court a document that says Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Martha are all good Christian women; it is signed by 91 people What document does Proctor present to the court?
Giles Corey claims that Putnam wanted Jacobs’ property and therefore accused him; he mentions a witness to whom he will not name What is Giles Corey’s defense? Explain.
He argues witchcraft is a crime with only two witnesses: the witch and the victim What is Danforth’s basic argument about witnesses and witchcraft?
Mary Warren will go to prison for perjury According to Danforth, what is Mary Warren’s fate – regardless of what she testifies? Why?
Abigail laughed during church services What information about Abigail does Danforth find shocking?
It demonstrates verbal irony because she describes herself as a victim, when in fact she is the accuser Which kind of irony does Abigail’s speech about her “blood runnin’ out” demonstrate? Explain.
She implies that she may accuse him of witchcraft What threat does Abigail level at Judge Danforth?
He reveals that he and Abigail had an affair What does John Proctor reveal about Abigail Williams?
John says that Elizabeth knew about his affair with Abigail, but Elizabeth denies it In what ways do John and Elizabeth’s testimony differ? Why?
To undermine Mary Warren’s testimony, the girls pretend to see Mary’s spirit walking in the rafters and trying to attack them What do the girls do to undermine Mary Warren’s testimony?
John Proctor confesses to Danforth his affair with Abigail; He makes this confession because he believes Abigail is a murderer and must be revealed as untrustworthy. His confession reveals that he is willing to sacrifice his good name to save others What does John Proctor confess to Danforth? Why does Proctor make this confession? What does his confession reveal about his character?
She claims ignorance of John’s affair with Abigail. The consequences of her lie are that John is arrested and the court’s confidence in Abigail is restored What is the lie Elizabeth Proctor tells Danforth? What are the consequences of her lie?
Mary Warren reveals that she made it all up. She changes her testimony and turns on John Proctor because the other girls turn on her and she is too cowardly to stand up to them What truth does Mary Warren reveal about her involvement with “spirits”? Why does she change her testimony and turn on John Proctor?
Court proceedings What does Hale denounce at the end of Act III?

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