English: The Crucible: Act 1-4 Test

What is Betty’s condition when the play opens? She darts off the bed, frightened of Abigail, and flattens herself against the wall saying she wants her mama.
What does Abigail say she and Betty were doing in the forest? She says that she was dancing in the forest together.
What seems to be the main motivation for Reverend Parris’ concern about the girls’ behavior in the forest? He wanted this “witchcraft” to be over and didn’t want anyone from town to “come in contact” with it.
What do Abigail, Betty, Mercy, and Mary discuss after Reverend Parris leaves his daughter’s room? They were discussing how they beat another girl and how they were going to do the same to Betty.
Who is Reverend Hale? He is from another town and is trying to get all the girls away from the witchcraft.
Summarize Abigail’s prior relationship with the Proctors. She was in a relationship with John; who was married to Elizabeth. She also used to work for them.
What does Betty’s revelation about Abigail’s actions in the forest suggest about Abigail’s feelings for Elizabeth Proctor? It seemed that Abigail wanted Elizabeth Proctor dead.
What evidence suggests that sharp divisions exist among the people of Salem Village? Everyone in the story are blaming each other for witchcraft so they wouldn’t be hanged
What does Mary Warren bring home to Elizabeth Proctor? What is the significance of this gift? She gave her a doll and she tries to make peace with it
What evidence is used to support Abigail William’s assertion that Elizabeth Proctor is guilty of witchcraft? Cheever comes to the Proctor household to investigate Elizabeth. He has a warrant to check the house for poppets. The poppet found in the Proctor’s house had a needle poked in the the stomach.
What does Sarah Good do to save herself from hanging? She admits to the charges. They say that if someone confesses to an action then they will not be killed for it.
According to John Proctor, what is “walking Salem” and writing the law in the community? There is nothing supernatural going on according to John Proctor
Who says the witchcraft trials are “a black mischief”? What is ironic about that remark? They are based on falsehoods. The irony is adultery.
Why is it surprising that Rebecca Nurse is charged with witchcraft? It is surprising because Rebecca Nurse is very wealthy and has a high status in society.
Which three depositions are presented to the judges and on whose behalf? First is by Giles Corey, second is by Giles again and third by proctor to Mary Warren.
How do the judges discourage defenses of the accused? They want him arrested
What does John Proctor confess to Danforth? He says that Elizabeth never saw any spirits
Why does Proctor make this confession? He wants his wife to be freed from jail and be known as a good man
What is the lie Elizabeth Proctor tells Danforth? She said Abigail didn’t satisfy her when she worked for the proctors
What are the consequences of her lie? Elizabeth is actually sent to jail
What truth does Mary Warren reveal about her involvement with “spirits”? She says she has no power
Why does she change her testimony and turn on John Proctor? Because he has been hiding this whole time about the accused.
Who seeks confessions from Rebecca Nurse and other condemned prisoners? Reverend Hale
What motivates this person – or people – to seek these confessions? He wants to get to the truth and see if there is really witchcraft happening.
What unexpected action does Abigail take in this act? She runs away/dissapears
What decision torments John Proctor? He had to make the decision of either keeping it to himself or telling the truth about the witchcraft
What conflict does Elizabeth experience as her husband seeks her guidance? She is very upset because she wants him to live and also told him to do what he thinks is the right thing to do.
What does John Proctor have “no tongue for”? He says that because he doesn’t judge people and says he would never do that.
Why does Elizabeth say her husband has “his goodness” as he is about to be hanged? Because he told the truth and was wise about saying it

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