English “The Crucible” Act 1

Abigail main motivation: to be with John Proctor.main conflict: she is unable to be with John because he and Elizabeth are still married. personality: conniving, lustful, vengeful, controlling, manipulative.effect on plot: after Tituba is forced to confess, Abigail jumps in and starts accusing others.
Reverend Parris main motivation: to keep his reputation clean; to retain his position as Reverend of Salem.main conflict: he is not well liked; has many enemies. personality: self-serving, selfish, arrogant. effect on plot: responsible for calling Hale to Salem; was not honest about events, hoping to save his reputation.
John Proctor main motivation: to get beyond his guilt; to keep his marriage from falling apart.main conflict: his affair with Abigail. personality: strong, driven, guilty. effect on plot: the driving force behind Abigail’s malice and vengeance.
Thomas Putnam main motivation: to gain as much land and property as possible; to keep order by pointing the finger at others. main conflict: not well-liked, not trusted by the community; daughter he believes has been touched by witchcraft. personality: rude, arrogant, selfish, self-centered. effect on plot: jumps to accusations of witchcraft.
Reverend John Hale main motivation: to seek and convict witches in Salem. main conflict: getting to the truth. personality: calm, focused, generally stable, educated. effect on plot: seeks out / interviews accusers; tries to get down to the truth of what is happening in Salem.
Tituba main motivation: to stay out of trouble. main conflict: first to be accused; people want to place the blame on her. personality: concerned, easily influenced. effect on plot: claims she is guilty after pressure and threats; names Sarah Good and Sarah Osburn.
Giles Corey main motivation: to keep Parris and Putnam honest; to keep order. main conflict: not very well respected since he is old; considered a joke. personality: witty, strong, wise, vacillates. effect on plot: supports John against Parris and Putnam; acts as a mediator.
abomination object of extreme dislike, hate; noun
conjured appeal to, summon, implore; verb
contention competition; noun
deference respectful submission or yielding to the judgement; noun
prodigious remarkably great in extent, size, or degree; adj.
innate existing in one from birth, inborn; adj.
paradox a statement or proposition that seems self contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth; noun
licentious unprincipled in sexual matters; adj.
vindictive showing/ having strong desire for revenge; adj.
manifestation an event/ action that shows or embodies something else; noun
Goody Osborn, Goody Good The two people that Tituba accused
Reverend Hale The person Reverend Parris sent for
Mercy Lewis The Putnam’s servant
Mary Warren The Proctor’s servant
Mrs. Putnam Who sent Tituba to contact the spirits of her dead children in order to discover their murderers
To have John Proctor to herself Why did Abigail drink a charm to kill Elizabeth Proctor?

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