English Test – Much Ado About Nothing

Don John called the bastard son, friends with Conrade and Borrachio, Don Pedro’s brother.
Hero Leonato’s daughter, in love with Claudio, cousin of Beatrice.
Borrachio woos Margaret by the name of Hero, captured by the watch.
Benedick swears he will live a bachelor, from Padua, Beatrice’s sparring partner, under the command of Don Pedro.
Leonato Governer of Messina, only has one heir named Hero.
Friar Francis Comes up with the plan to hide Hero and publish that she has died.
Dogsberry the Master Constable, never seems to get his words right , in chrage of the night watch.
Beatrice swears she will never marry, the niece of Leonato.
Antonio Leonato’s brother.
Claudio in love with Hero, from Florence, under the command of Don Pedro.
Don Pedro commander of the army, prince of Arraggon, arranges a marriage fro Claudio
Margaret mistaken for Hero at mose inconnvient time, flirtasious especially with Balthasar and Borrachio.
Wit/Repartee A succession or interchange of of clever retorts or amusing and usually light sparring with words.
Innuendo A hint or insinuation especially about someone’s character or reputation.
Malapropism an absurb or humorsous misuse of a word.
Pun the use of words, usually humorous, based on the several meanings of one word, a similarity of meaning between words that are pronounced the same, or the difference in meanings between two words pronounced the same and spelled somewhat similarly.