English Romeo and Juliet Acts 4-5

He thinks Juliet is talking to the Friar to grieve over Tybalt’s death. What does Paris imagine that Juliet is thinking when he visits Friar Laurence?
She gives him a double meaning. She says her face is hers but also Romeo’s. How does Juliet respond to Paris’s remark, “Thy face is mine”?
He said the potion will stop her pulse and breathing to make her seem dead so she will miss the wedding with Paris. Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion that he says will do what?
If she is brave enough to kill herself, then she is brave enough to take a sleeping potion. Friar Laurence thinks Juliet is brave enough to take the potion. Why?
Romeo needs to get the note so that he is present when Juliet awakes. An important part of Friar’s plan is?
He was the one planning the wedding. In scene 4, Nurse refers to Lord Capulet as an “old woman” because he what?
He says that she is in a better place in Heaven. On what grounds does Friar Laurence rebuke the Capulets for their wild grief?
To show life goes on amid tragedy. A likely reason for the ending scene between Peter and the musicians is used to what?
A trustworthy, thoughtful, holy man. In Act IV, Shakepeare characterizes Friar Laurence as a what?
They think Juliet is dead but she really isn’t. An example of dramatic irony in Scene 5 occures when what?
The marriage day moves from Thursday to Wednesday. An example of complication occurs when?
Juliet hesitates to take the drug from the Friar. Shakespeare create suspense by having?
Double meaning. She knows she won’t obey him. What can the reader infer from the scene in which Juliet tells her father, “Henceforward I am ever ruled by you”?
Her wedding to Paris is cancelled. She falls asleep and they plan the funeral instead. The immediate effect of Juliet’s taking the Friar’s drug is that?
The new day will bring good news. In Scene 1, Romeo interprets his dream, to mean what?
He wants to kill himself by Juliet’s body. When Romeo says, “Well Juliet, I will lie with thee tonight,” he means what?
He will meet Juliet and send Romeo a new message. What is Friar Laurence’s plan as he heads for the Capulet tomb?
Show his love for Juliet by putting flowers on her grave. Paris’s intention in going to the Capulet tomb is to what?
Juliet seems fresh as if she were alive. What does Romeo notice when he lays Paris’s body in the Capulet tomb?
Sadness and awe at the magnitude of the tragedy. The prince in his final words of Act 5 displays what?
Becomes more mature and more in love with Romeo. During the course of the play, we see Juliet change as she does what?
Their children fall in love but lose their lives. How does fate punish the Capulets and the Montagues for their feud?
Hatred leads to violence and tragedy. What is the overall theme of the play?
Juliet isn’t really dead and he was supposed to get the message about the plan. When Romeo hears that Juliet is dead, the dramatic irony lies in the fact of what?
Juliet kills herself. The final climax of the play occurs when?
They have personal failings that lead to downfall. The key characteristic of tragic heroes like Romeo and Juliet is that they have what?
His servants report that Juliet is dead. What caused Romeo to buy poison from the apothecary?
Their feud was the chief cause of the lovers’ death and the feud is over. What can you infer from the fathers’ decision to join in erecting monuments to the dead lovers?
A play on words/ double meaning What is a pun?
giving non-living things human like characteristics Define personification.
If it is used in the inverted order, it will not come after the verb it modifies. What is the purpose of an adverb?