English-Romeo and Juliet Act II

In Scene 1, lines 6-10. What do tese lines tell you about Mercutio? He fools around and likes to tease people
Which sentence best explains what Romeo means in Scene 2, lines 19-22? That she is absolutely gorgeous nad has flawless skin, and her eyes are amazing
SCene 2, lines 116-120, what do the lines sugest about Juliet’s personality? Doesn’t want to move too quickly and is cautious.
What does the soliloquy at the beginning of the scene 3 reveal about Frir Laurence’s belief of people? No person is so good they have no sin, no person is so sinful they have no good.
Why is Friar Laurence concerned about Romeo’s request to marry Juliet? He was just in love with Rosaline the day before
What plan does Romeo share with the Nurse? He and Juliet were going to get married in Friar Laurence’s cell and pretend they’re going to confession.
What two things does Shakespeare revel about Juliet through her soliloquy in Scene 2, lines 33-49? She is willing to give up her family name to be with Romeo, and she doesn’t judge a person by her last name.
What is similar and different about Romeo’s and Juliet”s views of love? Both think their love is unconditional/ Juliet think they’re moving too fast, Romeo thinks it is the right amount of time.
What functions do Mercutio and the Nurse serce in act two? Comic relief. example, Mercutio makes fun of how nurse looks and she brought up when Juliet was a baby and fell on her back.

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