English; Romeo and Juliet Act 3

What is ironic about Mercutio’s accusations that Benevolio is quick to quarrel? Mercutio himself is quite zesty and pugnacious. Benevolio is typically the one trying to end quarrels; he is peaceful
Punning on the word consort a. to associate or keep companyb. to play music withc. a group of magicians
What 3 suggestions does Benevolio offer to attempt to make peace? 1. take the fight elsewhere2. depart3. drop the grudges you hold on each other
What does “my man” mean? the man I’m looking for OR my servant
Why does Romeo say he loves Tybalt? He loves Tybalt because he loves Juliet
Why does Romeo draw his sword? In an attempt to beat down the others’ swords
What 2 reasons does Romeo give for wanting to kill Tybalt in his soliloquy? His love for Juliet has made him effeminate (unmanly) and that he should have fought Tybalt in Mercutio’s place
Why does the prince react so strongly to Mercutio’s death? Because Mercutio is a relative of the prince
Summarize Juliet’s soliloquy at the beginning of act 3 scene 2? Juliet is longing to see Romeo. She wishes it were night, so she can submit to Romeo, and they can officially be man and wife
Allusions in Juliet’s soliloquy greek gods- Phoebus and Phaethon wants Phoebus (sun god) to end the day
What is the nurse’s solution to Juliet predicament? To have Romeo be with Juliet for his last night
What is the Nurse’s response? How does this contradict what she said previously and what is her motivation? The nurse goes out to search for Romeo this contradicts her prior statement of telling Juliet to be mournful of her slain cousin.
What are some adjectives that describe Romeo in act 3 scene 3 -unstable-emotional-volatile
Friar Lawrence says that banishment “is dear mercy and thou seest it not.” What does he mean? Banishment is a light sentence, but Romeo does not view it this way
Why does Romeo say that banishment is worse than death? All other creatures may see his Juliet, but he may not.
According to the Nurse, what is Juliet doing? She is blubbering and weeping in a similar state as Romeo’s.
How does Friar Lawrence appeal to Romeo’s love for Juliet? He tells Romeo to go visit Juliet one last time before is officially exiled
What two destinations does Romeo visit? Capulet’s house- to visit JulietMantura- exile (he will await instructions from Friar Lawrence)
What does the Nurse give Romeo? A ring that Juliet had the nurse give him
Summarization of advice from Friar Lawrence Be grateful, banishment is a light sentence. Banishment buys time until Friar Lawrence can fix things while he’s gone
What game changing news do we learn in act 3 scene 4? Juliet’s father has arranged her to marry Paris
Lady Capulet Interpretation of line,”Yet let me weep for such a feeling loss” Juliet is crying for Tybalt
Juliet interpretation of line,”Yet let me weep for such a feeling loss” Let me cry over the loss of my husband
Lady Capulet Interpretation of line,”This is because the traitor murderer lives””Ay madam, from the reach of these my hands” You are sad because Tybalt’s murderer still lives, you (juliet) want to murder him yourself
Juliet Interpretation of line,”This is because the traitor murderer lives””Ay madam, from the reach of these my hands” I’m sad because Tybalt’s murderer lives so far away
monologue lengthy speech made by one character addressed to other characters
soliloquy a speech given by a character alone on stage to audience
aside remark made to audience
foil that character serves to highlight one or more attributes of another character, often the protagonist