English odyssey Unit 2 Lesson 7

From Act I, it is clear that Claudius is involved in the theme of _____. Select all that apply.appearance and realityattitudes toward womencorruptionparent-child relationships appearance and realitycorruption
The characteristics of an aside include that it _____. Select all that apply.is responded to by other charactersis briefexplains the movements a character makes onstagereflects a character’s inner thoughts is briefreflects a character’s inner thoughts
Based on what you have learned in Act I, what kind of conflict does Hamlet’s struggle with Claudius exemplify?external conflictinternal conflictsocial conflictpolitical conflict external conflict
But, you must know, your father lost a father;That father lost, lost his (Act I, scene ii)What message is Claudius giving Hamlet with these words?His father was a worthy man.It is time to stop grieving.Hamlet should accept Claudius as his father.Hamlet will be Claudius’s heir. It is time to stop grieving.
Perhaps he loves you now, . . .but you must fear,His greatness weigh’d, his will is not his own;For he himself is subject to his birth (Act I, scene iii)Why does Laertes warn Ophelia not to expect to marry Hamlet?Laertes states her father will not approve.The prince is ruthless and unfeeling.Though a prince, he will never be king.A prince cannot marry for love. A prince cannot marry for love.
My father’s brother, but no more like my fatherThan I to Hercules (Act I, scene ii)What is Hamlet’s point about King Claudius?Claudius is as great as a superhero.He is nowhere near as worthy as his dead father.He should not have married Gertrude.He is a murderer. He is nowhere near as worthy as his dead father.
Which texts do scholars use as the basis of the text for Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Select all that apply.the version Shakespeare editedthe 1603 standalone editionthe 1604 or 1605 stand alone editionthe First Folio of 1623 the 1604 or 1605 stand alone editionthe First Folio of 1623
In Act I, scene ii, Claudius’s mention of Fortinbras raises the issue of _____.corruption in Denmark’s governmenthow Fortinbras is better than Hamletthe cause of King Hamlet’s deathan external threat to Denmark an external threat to Denmark

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