English Odyssey Unit 2 Lesson 4

According to Montaigne, why is he writing his essays?He wants to become a politician.He wants to seek the world’s favor.He wants to convince people to travel to the “New World.”He wants to explore and record his ideas for his relatives and friends. He wants to explore and record his ideas for his relatives and friends.
What makes Montaigne a skeptic?He questions whether truth is certain.He travels throughout the world.He writes lengthy essays.He admires people from other countries. He questions whether truth is certain.
In Montaigne’s opinion, barbarism simply refers to _____.the eating of human flesha culture whose customs are different from our ownthe Protestant faiththe seeking of revenge the eating of human flesh
What event or sequence of events revealed to Europeans what life was like for natives in the Americas?King Henry VIII’s divorceThe Protestant ReformationThe Age of ExplorationThe French Wars of Religion The Age of Exploration
What does Montaigne mean when he says that the savages are “wild in the same sense that fruits are”?They live according to their nature.They eat mostly fruits and vegetables.They are beautiful to look at.They survive only a short time. They live according to their nature
I conceive there is more barbarity in eating a man alive, than when he is dead; in tearing a body limb from limb by racks and torments, that is yet in perfect sense; in roasting it by degrees; in causing it to be bitten and worried by dogs and swine (as we have not only read, but lately seen, not among inveterate and mortal enemies, but among neighbors and fellow-citizens, and, which is worse, under color of piety and religion), than to roast and eat him after he is dead.What is Montaigne’s purpose in saying this?He is criticizing the way his own government treats its enemies.He is addressing the treatment of animals in his own community.He is explaining why he thinks that cannibalism is a wise idea.He is asserting that he thinks it is a bad idea to eat people alive. He is criticizing the way his own government treats its enemies.
Our utmost endeavors cannot arrive at so much as to imitate the nest of the least of birds, its contexture, beauty, and convenience: not so much as the web of a poor spider.All things, says Plato, are produced either by nature, by fortune, or by art; the greatest and most beautiful by the one or the other of the former, the least and the most imperfect by the last.Montiagne’s statement can best be paraphrased as _____.Humans should stop trying to control animals because they always destroy them.The nests of birds and the webs of spiders are imperfect, but lovely.Nature creates more superior things than human ability can.Those things that nature creates are always useful, especially birds’ nests and spider webs. Nature creates more superior things than human ability can.
During which historical period did Montaigne live?Roman EmpireAncient GreeceRenaissanceMiddle Ages Renaissance

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