English Midsummer Night’s Dream

Demetrius Who has Egeus’s consent to marry Hermia?
Lysander With whom is Hermia in love?
Demetrius Helena tells of Hermia’s flight to whom?
Nick Bottom Which of the tradesmen gets the part of Pyramus?
Francis Flute Which of the tradesmen gets the part of Thisbe?
Snug the Joiner Which of the tradesmen gets the part of Lion?
Nunnery and Death What are the two options Theseus gives Hermia if she doesn’t follow her father’s wishes?
Lysander’s aunt’s house When they leave Athens, where do Lysander and Hermia plan to go?
a boy Whom does Titania have that Oberon wants?
love-in-idleness What is the flower that Puck picks?
Peter Quince Who is the prologue and director of the play?
Titania and Lysander In the very beginning, whose eyes is the “liquor” applied?
Helena Who does Lysander fall in love with from the “liquor?”
a hawthorn brake When the tradesmen practice their play in the woods, what do they use for their “tiring house?”
an ass Into what does Puck turn Bottom?
Oberon Who “charms” the eyes of Demetrius?
Puck Who ends up sorting out the relationships of all the lovers (end of act 3)?
Titania, Lysander, Demetrius In the entire play, who receives “liquor” to their eyes?
Lysander and Demetrius Who does Helena thinks mocks her?
Helena Who does Demetrius fall in love with from the “liquor?”
Nick Bottom the ass Who does Titania fall in love with from the “liquor?”
True True/FalseOberon releases Titania from the spell because he has finally secured the Indian boy that he wanted.
False True/FalseTheseus proposes that all the lovers meet at the court so that they can all bring suit against Egeus for breach of contract.
True True/FalseOf the four young Athenians, the only one whose love is redirected in the end is that of Demetrius (from Hermia to Helena)
They were observing the rite of May How does Theseus explain finding Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, and Helena in the woods?
a ballad about Bottom’s Dream What is “Bottom’s Dream”?
four From how many “sports” may Theseus choose?
amused How would you describe the attitude of the Athenians as they watch the Pyramus and Thisbe play?
between midnight and daybreak According to Oberon, in his final speech, what is the time for fairies?
Egeus Hermia’s father who will not let her marry Lysander
Demetrius Who Helena loves
the Magic Forest Where does most of the play take place?
Athenian Palace (Theseus’s Court) Where do all the lovers marry/Where do Theseus and Hippolyta live?
Hippolyta Amazon Queenmarries Theseus
Theseus ruler of Athenshero
Oberon King fairy
Titania Queen fairy
Puck Oberon’s agentmischievous
Robin Goodfellow another name for Puck