English Macbeth Vocabulary words

Interim NounAntonym:continuationDefinition: an interval
Wanton AdjectiveNo AntonymDefinition:unruly
Harbinger NounNO AntonymDefinition:one that initiates a major change
Recompense Transitive verbAntonyms-repudiateDefinition: to give something to by way of compensation
Trammel NounNo AntonymDefinition: something impeding activity, progress, or freedom.
Heath NounNo AntonymDefinition:a tract of open and uncultivated land;wasteland
Kerns NounNo AntonymDefinition:a band of lightly armed foot soldiers from ancient Ireland and scotlandSentence: After a long fought battle the kern slowly made their way home carrying only their weapons and food supply.
Liege NounAntonym: disloyalDefinition: a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and servitudeSentence: when the servant approached the king he began by bowing down and saying “my liege” as formal recognition.
Sieve NounNo AntonymDefinition: a person who cannot keep secrets
Prophetic AdjectiveAntonym:unpredictableDefinition:of or pertaining to a prophetSentence: the fortuneteller spoke slowly using a prophetic voice as she recited his future
Husbandry NounAntonym: wastefulnessDefinition: careful use of recourses
Knell NounNo AntonymDefinition: a stoke or sound of a bell especially when rung slowly
Posset NounNo AntonymDefinition: a hot drink consisting of sweetened and spiced milk with ale or wine
Incarnadine VerbNo AntonymDefinition: to redden especially in a fleshy, blood color. Sentence:the wine was incarnadined when he added poison to it.
Surfeit VerbAntonym: to starveDefinition: to feed/supplySentence: due to the generous donations, the volunteers surfeited the homeless.
Brainsick AdjectiveAntonym: saneDefinition: insane
multitudinous AdjectiveAntonym: fewDefinition:vastSentence: the multitudinous army seemed to stretch on forever, ready to bring down the tyranny that had oppressed them for so long.
sentinel NounNo AntonymDefinition: SentrySentence: slowly a hand reached up and grabbed the neck of the sleeping sentinel, throttling the life slowly out of him.
Infirm Adjective Antonym: powerfulDefinition:weakSentence: the infirm are always the first to get kicked off of Fear Factor, as they cannot complete the competitions.
Marshal VerbAntonym:DemobilizeDefinition: to bring together Sentence: He marshaled the troops
Parricide NOunNo AntonymDefinition:the act of killing ones close relative.
Rancors NounAntonym: CivilityDefinition: bitterSentence:her rancor attitude was displeasing
Botches Verb(used with subject)Antonym:accomplishdefinition: to spoil Sentence: their work was botched by poor effort
assailable AdjectiveAntonym: guardedDefinition: open to attack Sentence:The kingdom was assailable because there was no moat.
Jocund AdjectiveAntonym: SadDefinition: cheerful
Verities NounAntonym: FalsenessDefinition: truthSentence: the Judge wanted to find the hidden varieties that the murderer would not admit.
Indissoluble AdjectiveAntonym:Dissoluble Definition: Permanent The Indissoluble stain ruined her favorite shirt.
Twain DeterminerAntonym: NoneDefinition: two togetherThe twain group worked together on their english project.
Hie VerbAntonym:AmbleDefinition: HastenSentence: she did her work hie in study hall before next period.
Grapples VerbAntonym: let goDefinition: GrabSentence: He grapples his new computer to ensure its safety.