English Macbeth Test act 1-3

Whag two main enemies does the kingdom of scotland face? Macsonwald (MB kills him). -king of norway-sweno( MB and banquo killed him
What powers do the three witches seemto posses Swing the future…….. Controlling weather
What kind of ruler does Duncan seem to be ? Kind and fenious
How do Macbeth and Banquo differ in theirs reaction to the witches’ predictions and the news of Macbeth’s new title? Macbeth-immensely pleased and almost flattered. He has great ambition for power. Banquo-sees it as a religious point of view and sees the witches as evil and the devil. More skeptical
How does Macbeth react to Duncan’s naming of his son Malcolm as his heirs ? He is shocked and displeased. He decides he must take matters in to his own hand .
After reading her husband’s letter, what does Lady Macbeth say about him? He needs to be encouraged and kill the king. She is as ambitious as him or more
What does lady Macbeth’s reaction to the news of Duncan’s visit show about her nature ? She is ruthless and opportunistic .her first thought is of her husband’s ability to become king but also his weakness.
What is ironic, or off, about Duncan’s first impression when he arrives at Macbeth’s castle? Lady Macbeth is gracious and cordial , even though she convinced her husband MB to kill the king
Why does Macbeth tell his wife that she should only have male children So that his heir will become king
How does Macbeth attempt to gain the support ofBanquo? How does Banquo respond Macbeth tells Banquo if he supports Macbeth, it shall make honor for him. Banquo will benefit. ….Banquo responds with as long as he stays loyal to the king he will support Macbeth
What does Macbeth see as he prepares to kill Duncan ? What conclusion does he come to about what he sees? A bloody dagger ………….he is imagining
Why is Macbeth so troubled by his inability to say Amen , when he overheard Duncan say God bless us?? How does lady Macbeth react to Macbeth’s uneasiness ? He is so troubled because he has just killed Duncan ………… Stop or you’ll drive both of us crazy
Why is Lady Macbeth upset that Macbeth has brought the knives back with him? …..how does she fix the problem? Macbeth was supposed to make it look as though the guards had killed him. Therefore the daggers need to near them. ……………she returns to the room and gets books form Duncan’s body and smears the guards faces with it
Compare the way that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth react to the murders Macbeth is emotional and distraught. Lady Macbeth is calm and centered; she is focused on theirs not getting caught
Who does the drunken porter think he is? He thinks he is the porter at the gates of hell. This add humor to the scene because Macbeth has just murdered the innocent Duncan .
How does Macduff’s and Banquo’s reactions differ when the Kings murder is discovered? Macduff’s is horrified at the assassination of the king . Banquo seems very calm in comparison
How does Macbeth explain he killed Duncan’s servants He did it in range and love for the king, it was impulsive
Why does Malcom and Donalbain decide to flee? They think they are endangered and better off in another country, trying to be a step ahead
Why do the old man and Ross think about the strange events that have been taking place in nature ? That the events signify that the word is out of balance
How does Macduff’s explain the seemingly senseless murder of Duncan by his servants That Donalbain and Malcom might have paid them to kill Duncan
As scene 1 open,how does Banquo feel about Macbeth? Why? He is becoming suspicious …..he is thinking that Macbeth might have committed the murder
In his soliloquy in lines 52-76 what is Macbeth upset about? Why does it upset him so much? The prophesy will become try and Banquo’s children will be kings. He wants to have sons that later would take the throne but him and lady Macbeth are unable
How does Macbeth convict the murderes to kill Banquo? He insults their manhood Amd smooth talks them to this favor
What feelings does Lady Macbeth show in scene 2, lines 6-9 She is unhappy and lonely even though she got what she wanted and is now queen
Why doesn’t Macbeth tell his wife abou his plan to kill Banquo? Earlier in the scene his tone of voice and the horrors of what they have done visibly affect her to the point that he says”thou marvel’st at my words,but hold the still”. He simply does not think he can share this with her
What does that tell us of their relationship? Although they share a tender moment in the scene when they momentarily console ,their relationship will obviously disintegrate as the disorder and chaos pursue the couple
What surprises the two murderers at the beginning of scene 3? They are joined by a third murderer
How does Macbeth react to the news of Fleance’s escape? His illness comes agin because he’s not fully secure until Fleance’s is dead
How many people see Banquo’s ghost during the banquet ? Only macbeth
How does lady Macbeth react to Macbeth’s outbursts at the banquet She says he suffers seizures and makes it seem normal
What does she try to do to save the situation? She encourages the guest to ignore him.she tries to get to leave immediately
What noble refused to come to the Banquo? How do we know? Macduff’s. Macbeth says so and asks lady Macbeth as to her opinion why Macduff’s refuses to come
Scholars agree that scene 5 is probably not Shakespeare’s writing. Nevertheless what info does the scene tell about Hecates plans to get back at Macbeth. She and the three witches will bring him to complete destruction.She also delivers a lesson of the play: overconfidence is humanity’s greatest enemy
How do someNobles feel about Macbeth in scene6?? Everyone in his circle has suffered in some ways. Also the guards could not have killed Duncan because they were too drunk to do so. This indicates that Macbeth true reason for killing them was to keep them killing.