English Macbeth Act 1

When and where will the witches meet again? When the battle is over, before sunset
What new title will Macbeth get? Why? thane of cawdor, because he is seen as the savior of the country
What does Witch 1 plan to do? Why? take away his sleep and put his boat in a storm for 81 weeks because the wife wouldn’t share her snack
With what three titles do the witches greet Macbeth? aw hail Macbeth, aw hail thane of cawdor, aw hail thane of glamis hail to the king here after
What three predictions do the witches make for Banquo? lesser than Macbeth and greater, not so happy yet much happier, thou shalt get kings though thou be none
What does Banquo try to warn Macbeth about? frequently, to cause is to get hurt, the agents of hell tell us the truth, to gain our trust with small gifts, to betray us when we need them most
who was Lady Macbeth praying to? the devil
Who says, “It is too full o’ th’ mille of human kindness” Lady Macbeth
What does “think upon what hath chanced, and at more time, the interim having weighed it, let us speak our free hearts each to other” translate as? Think about what happened let us have an honest conversation
What does ” there’s no art, to find the mind’s construction in the face. He was a gentlemen on whom I built an absolute trust” translate as? There’s no skill to find out what someones thinking by looking at their face, I trusted him 100%
Who says, “fair is foul, foul is fair”? All witches
Who says, “sleep shall neither night nor day hang upon his penthouse lid”? Witch
What did the Greeks believe? that everything was predetermined before you are born, no free will
What does [aside] mean? characters thoughts
what does [aside to …] mean? between only those characters
what is a solliloquy? a long speech to oneself revealing thoughts or feelings
What side is the witches on? themselves
Who won the battle? Scotland
What is Macbeth’s score with the witches? 0-2
What is appearance vs reality? what appears to be good is really bad
Who says, ” o never, shall sun that morrow see”? Lady Macbeth
What does “look like the innocent flower” mean and what literary device? look like spongebob be plankton, simile
What does “we will speak further” mean? I’m in charge I make decisions, I’m the man
Who says, “if it were done when tis’ done, then ’twere well it were done quickly” Macbeth

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