English: Lord of the Flies Chapter 5 Study Guide

What advantage does Piggy have that Ralph wishes he had? Ralph wishes he had the brains of Piggy.
List some of the agenda items that Ralph discusses at the meeting. – Ship passing the island.- No one is collecting rain water into the coconut shells.- No one is helping Ralph and Simon build the huts/shelter.- The littl’uns have the fear of the beastie.- Bringing food to the fire and not moving the fire to the food.
What are the littl’uns preoccupied with in this chapter? How do the older boys respond to their concerns> What is the thing in reality? The littl’uns are preoccupied with having fear of the beastie. The older boys try to act tough but then get fear of the beastie themselves.
What happens to Percival when he gets to speak? Where does Percival say the beast comes from? Percival starts to give his information of his full name, address and tries to say his telephone number. (Little kids are taught this information when they are little and taught to use it when they are lost such as grocery stores, malls, etc.) He also starts crying when he is about to say his telephone number. The other littl’uns join in with the crying until Jack gets their attention by trying to get “hurt” and make them laugh. Percival tells everyone the beastie comes from the sea.
How does Simon attempt to settle the matter of the littl’uns’ concerns? What deeper meaning is implied when Simon says that there may be a beast, but “it’s only us”? Simon says that there may be a beastie but it is only “them.”
What point does Jack bring up during the assembly? What are his reasons for thinking this way? Jack brings up how he has never seen the beastie while hunting and if he does he will kill it. Jack thinks hunting is most important and gets his popularity and respect from it because everyone likes eating meat and not fruit all the time.
What do hunters do after breaking up the assembly? The hunters start to sing and chant.
What is the significance of the title of this chapter? Make a list of symbols found in Chapter 5 and explain their significance. Ralph- chief, president, conchPiggy- ideas, 1/2 intelligence (one lens of glasses broke), glasses, cabinet Jack- leader of hunters, knife, appointed, vice president

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