English: Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 Study Guide

Fully describe Roger’s actions towards the little’uns, What do they say about his character? What is the “taboo of the old life” that seems to keep Roger from hitting Henry? Roger watched the little’uns make sandcastles. Roger would destroy their sandcastles and throw stones at them but purposely miss. This shows that Roger likes to watch people suffer for his own enjoyment.
Fully describe the effect face painting has on Jack. Facepainting allows Jack to camouflage or blend in while hunting.
What is spotted while the boys are swimming? Why doesn’t it respond? A ship was spotted while the boys are swimming. It doesn’t respond because Jack and the rest of the hunters did not watch the fire and the fire had went out. The fire was a signal for the ships/planes etc. to know there is someone on the island and to get more curious about it which will allow the boys to be rescued. Jack was too busy hunting the pig with the rest of the boys to keep his self dignity and for him to show everyone he can kill a pig.
Why is Jack so excited when he first re-joins the boys in this chapter? How do you think this will lead to the division of the boys? Jack is so excited because he was able to kill the pig and get his dignity back. This shows that Jack got distracted in his priorities and can no longer be trusted.
What happens when Jack punches Piggy? Why is this significant? Piggy’s glasses fall off and one lens breaks which makes Piggy able to see out of only one eye. Although Piggy’s glasses were used to start the fire now it will take a longer time to start the fire because one of the lenses are broken.
Describe the wild dance that is performed around the fire. The wild dance represents Jack killing the pig allowing the others to eat something else other than fruit. The boys dance and chant around the fire reenacting the scene of killing the pic. They dance, sing, and make pig squealing noises.
What is the significance of the title of this chapter? Make a list of symbols found in Chapter 4 and explain their significance. Ralph- Chief, conch, cabinet Piggy- Ideas, glasses 1/2 intelligence because of one broken lens (stereotype of people who wear glasses are smart.)Jack- leader of hunters, knife, appointed, vice president.

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