English Literature unit 3 Macbeth – Setting/Isolation/Atomosphere

(stage direction) “Thunder and lightening”
Witch’s discuss weather “In thunder, lightning, or in rain?”
shipwracking “shipwracking storms and direful thunders break”
smoke “smoke of hell”
screeching “screeching owl”
a room “a room in the palace”
with a road “with a road leading to the palace”
…ruins “…ruins, dungeons, darkness”
the fog “the fog and filthy air”
…the heavens “…the heavens, as troubled with man’s act.”
dark night strangles “dark night strangles the travelling lamp”
‘Tis “‘Tis unnatural”
a falcon “a falcon, towering in her pride of place”
stars “stars, hide your fires”
Lady Macbeth’s brief; desolating; unnatural “brief toneless sentences” and “desolating misery” and “unnatural troubles”
O “O nation miserable”
bloody “bloody execution”
a drum “a drum, a drum”
all is the “all is the fear and nothing is the love”

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