English Literature – Hamlet – Religion Quotes

Act 1 – Scene 1 – Barnardo “Is it not something more than fantasy?”
Act 1 – Scene 2 – Hamlet (soliloquy) “His canon ‘gainst self slaughter”
Act 2 – Scene 2 – Hamlet (monologue) “paragon of animals…quintessence of dust”
Act 2 – Scene 2 – Hamlet to Polonius “Oh Jephthah, judge of Israel, what a treasure hadst thou?”
Act 3 – Hamlet to Ophelia “Get thee to a nunnery”
Act 3 – Ophelia aside “Heavenly powers restore him”
Act 4 – Hamlet soliloquy “Led by a delicate and tender princeWhose spirit with divine ambition puffed”
Act 4 – Ophelia “Lord we know what we are but not what we may be”
Act 5 – Laertes about Ophelia “ministering angel shall my sister be when thou liest howling”
Act 5 – Gravedigger “the gallows is built stronger than the church”

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